Sunday, December 30, 2012

super spontan

Have been sleeping in my guest room for 2 days now and to tell u the truth, I kinda like it here :P 
Well, my folks are here with me and they will be here until end of this week. So giving Sir and Maam a space of their own ;)

I've got no particular subject to 'talk' about tonight, just felt like blogging 'cos I have not blogged spontaneously in awhile. 

Today was my cousin, Adzlan's wedding. Didn't take many photos because apparently someone forgot to put the battery into the camera after charging it for the whole night! -_-"

I'll blog about the wedding in another entry though. 

I'm feeling light-headed and so sleepy now. Time to doze off I suppose. 

Catch ya'll in another entry! Night!

Monday, December 24, 2012

of annual dinner and posse mates

Yes, it's that time of the year for almost every company to have their yearly event to celebrate their success stories, and reward the achievement of their employees


We had ours last 3 weeks at the Shangri-La, KL. The theme for the night was Uniform Night and oh boy, it was just amazing to see some of us dressed up in all sorts of uniformed bodies. We even had a Scottish bagpiper on board and he WON the best-dressed! (well, he put on a Gangnam show to gain audience votes) - but he sure deserved it!

Here are some shots of the night. I didn't get to capture a lot of photos because I urm, have forgotten to(?) and with all the commotion and mingling, that leaves my poor camera unused in my bag. And instead I've depended on my BB camera for convenience.

Our 'boarding pass' for the night. My unlucky number was 1222.

Pose before leaving the house

The Chef, schoolgirl and pilot lady

One for myself.

Me and Navina

Take 2

Me and Sara

Take 2 (with Sara smilling.. heeee)

If we're not bankers, we would be firefighter and pilot.. like seriously. 

 Part of my CA UK team

Photo credit : Liza Boey

Well, this annual dinner WASN'T my highlight of the night. 

My highlight of the night was....

The reunion of the posse mates!
I see these guys like, once in a few months, so when I know that I will be in Ampang area that night, apa lagi, I buzzed them, planned for a meet up and voila, we got together for the movie 'Pitch Perfect' and then for a yum cha session at Pelita Nasi Kandar. 

A night of loads of gossiping, updates and of course, motivational talks ;)

One of the best night outs I've had in a LONG, LONGGG time. 

Reached my house at about 4++ in the morning and tucked into bed at 5 a.m.

Been a while since I've done that. 

In the name of good, clean fun! :D

Sunday, December 16, 2012


It has been more or less 2 weeks now since I last updated anything on my blog. Trust me, I've been itching to pen down my thoughts because I have a lot of  hot news (!), photos, events and some dwelling as well, I suppose.

And right now, I'm kind of in a down mood :'(

Sometimes I feel like it's easier being single and just go through life without having your heart crushed and broken into pieces every time. It's easier to just enjoy life with your girlfriends and family. But thing is, when you're single, you would wish that you have a partner to share your happiness and woes with you. So ironic.

Right now, I thought I have the happiness that I am searching for. But in all honesty, I feel that I am not complete. How to find such happiness that can complete you? How? I mean, I still have these doubts and whatnots, and I even have this feeling that this is again another one of Allah's test. You know right, His tests will come in terms of all sorts of downfall or pleasure, so I was thinking maybe, just maybe, He is just lending one of His creations to me, so I would get to feel happy, even for a short while. I guess when your intention is right, you will be blessed. Well, my intention is right and I have gone to You for some answers. But yet I feel like I might lose him.

Sometimes I feel maybe this is just my mindset being all negative and whatever. That what it really is, is that I'm afraid to finally be happy. I'm not sure. Yes, I'm happy and I love to be this happy with him. But is he happy? Yes, he makes me happy, but do I make him happy? Because sometimes I get this vibe that he has a lot in his mind and he's just being with me because I make him feel comfortable. But I don't want him to be with me because of that. I want him to be with me because he is in love with me.

Are you in love with me, sayang? I don't want to keep on guessing because I don't have a definite answer.

If you are, what is holding you back?

I'm trying to instill this belief that if we don't work out in the end, at least he has made me happy. Maybe indeed Allah is just lending him to me to make me appreciate more. God knows.

I get tired of trying, every time. Once, my girlfriend pointed out to me that I have a positive outlook towards love because I can get myself up after every heartbreak that I've gone through. Girlfriend, it is hard! It is hard sustaining the relationship, to have it fail in the end, to register the reality in your head, to nurse your heart, to erase the memories and promises, to face his friends and family, to let go, to be at peace (redha) with what's written, to get yourself up, to smile and not be grouchy, to find things to do to replace your once him-filled life, to focus on other things, to muster enough courage to talk about it to your friends, yada-yada. IT IS NOT EASY.

So again, how do you find such happiness that can complete you? Tell me.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

white and peach

Ready for a day out with Mister. 
To kind of celebrate our anniversary. 
Kind of, celebrating >.<

Peach top by Nichii
Jacket by Cultivation, Isetan

I really love the jacket because it fits my frame perfectly and you can wear it for both casual and formal wear. It gives a slimming effect as well and white portrays elegance. 

Love the whole assemble!

Friday, November 23, 2012

mash it

Should I tell Mister that I'm craving for Chilli's mashed potato?

My pay day seems like a gazillion years away and I bet he will have his paycheck by end of the week, i.e tomorrow. 

That should serve as a good reason for a good weekend. 


Monday, November 19, 2012

weekend story

One thing that I love about weekends is that I get to spend time with one of my favorite people - My mister!

He's not bad la, honestly :P

He loves to watch movies, loves to eat, loves to lepak at Starbucks, loves to talk nonsense and be goofy. Everything that I love to do. I guess I'm quite lucky in the sense that I have a partner who shares the same things that I love. Okay, some of you might be rolling your eyes already but I used to have a partner who is the total opposite of me.  No shopping (window-shopping at 2 outlets is considered enough for the day), no fine-dining (if it is, it's always on me), no bags/shoes purchase (except if I buys them for him), yada-yada. You know the drill. 

So when I met this guy, I am so thankful :)

Anyways, that weekend I ajak him to go for lunch at Isetan's food gallery. Been passing by a few times already and the array of food outlets they have looks interesting. 

Turns out, most of the food outlets are Japanese and I'm not too sure they are even halal or not. So me and Mister settled for Puran B (Japanese version of Plan B).

The one in the middle which looks like a vinegar bottle is actually warm water, how creative!
You should've seen the lightbulbs they have. Mister has taken a photo, I haven't because I was already munching my way through my food.

Spot the lightbulb

Puran B

Iklan baju sekejap
I was wearing F&F's denim top and H&M's spaghetti top

My beef bolognese which is so heavenly

Mister's Ayam Percik which I highly recommend

After lunch, we walked all over Isetan and 1 Utama's old wing in search for Mister's perfect pair of jeans and work pants (which is actually the purpose for this weekend outing) and found them in Giordano's. To kill time while waiting for them to alter the pant's length,  Mister and I walked into Starbucks's newly-opened Signature concept outlet and hung out there .

I had Toffee Nut Latte and he had his usual black coffee. We shared a marble cheese cake which he had been wanting to have for ages. This outlet was perfect for a somber day when you feel like you wanna be alone. It's so cozy and spacious. I shall make more trips here soon. 

So what's your weekend story?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


When I was younger, I was the closer one to Papa. I'd ask him all kinds of questions, from intellectual ones to the dummy ones (like why do we fart, Pa?). I'd ask him for study tips, people management tips, why this and that and sometimes I'd also ask him if we could ever have finer things in life. He will always say 'Yes, if we work towards it, God willing', and will always have the time to answer my never-ending questions.

When my family came over in June this year, we were talking about properties and businesses and being the sibuk one in the family, I suggested a family business proposal to Papa, in which, again he said, 'Yes, we can do it, insyallah. "

Well, my point is that, Papa never gives up, even at his toughest time like now. Sure, he used to be in a position where he was able to do whatever he wanted, which could easily be the reason not to give up. But over some 10 years, I've seen him at his strongest point and also his weakest point. I guess that is why I have never blamed him for what we had to go through now. Papa is a quiet man, the kind who will only speak when it is necessary, even to us kids sometimes. But when you get him talking about the things that he loves, boy, he just can't stop. Even now.

That is my Papa from my point of view, the kakak who had seen it all, most of the unspoken words anyway.

Yes, Papa stands through thick and thin, providing his very best to us. He never gives up. Have you seen him cry? Have you heard him complain? Have you heard him blame anything or anyone at all? No, none at all. Which is why we should be giving him support and encouragement in whatever he plans to do.

So to blame Papa for any misfortunes, should be the last thing anyone should do. Anyone.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

vanity strikes back

Wearing Swedish and British for Skyfall yesterday. 
Except for my bracelet and necklace, both from Singapore. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Families will never let you down. Whether you are wrong or right.

You see, sometimes being a first child is a tiring process. We tend to have that feeling of wanting to carry responsibilities so much, that at times, we forget to prioritise our responsibilities to ourselves. This, first and foremost, includes understanding ourselves, and what we really want in all aspects of life. Because of this, we can't help but to think first of others's needs, be it our parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc, you know the drill. 

Yes, it is a good thing to put others's needs first than your own (or so they say) but in the long run, it begins to take its toll on yourself and your life's goals and long before you knew it, truth hits you in the face, and lo and behold, you will then realise that some of these people are actually using you to achieve their goal, not really caring much on how that affects you.  

And just like that, life whizzes by, and you are left on your own, mending your own shit. 

Not that I am complaining, let's just say I am pretty much used to doing things on my own, anyway, and sometimes to the extent that I do not, at all, want help from anybody, just because I don't want them to go out of their way doing things for me, which, I am not so sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing. 

But honestly, sometimes people like me (I know there ARE others who share this same mindset), they want to have people who would willingly extend their help WITHOUT being judged, or being cornered into returning the favour whatsoever. I mean, I would love to have people organise parties/lunch/dinners/getaways for me, or have people drive me around, or plan a surprise for me, and all these WITHOUT any hidden agenda. I would love to have all these because like I said, it is tiring to always be the one in charge. 

First child syndrome, they call it. The one who has to have a brave front, no matter how bad the situation is. Of course, because you need to be the stronger one among all the rest of your siblings. You are the role model after your parents and no matter how deep is their shit, you need to be the most grounded. 

Having said this, when things fail, you feel an urge to take up the responsibility as the one who has caused the failure, and this is really bad because it can affect your self-esteem. I, for one, sometimes regret that I wasn't always there with my family to see them grow up and grow old. Honestly. Sometimes I think that if I were there, things would've turned out differently, if not better. 

This probably means that God has set up this path for me and I might just find my way out eventually, but until then, I just need to keep being positive, I guess. I love my family and my friends too much to be abandoning them just to cater to my desires. I know of some families who do that and I seriously thank Allah  that I still have my family to return to when life hits rock-bottom. Friends come and go, but family, they will be there for life, even when you are wrong. 

Totally agree. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

i work on Malaysian public holidays!

I was feeling a bit down today. 
At work, I was already feeling a bit light-headed and a bit of coughing.  It didn't help that I was ALSO having diarrhoea and having sharp pains (felt like gastric pain) in my stomach.

I kept thinking if I had eaten anything that might have been the cause to it all but couldn't think of any. Because of all that, I wasn't quite focused at work, and all the time I kept wishing that today was Friday so I don't have to drag myself to work the next day. To top it all up, I have 2 documents needed to be reviewed and the deadline is guess what, tomorrow! 

Darn, a while ago the sharp pain came back, down to my butt hole. What the heck is it? I probably need to check with the doctor tomorrow. 

Which reminds me, tomorrow is actually a Malaysian public holiday and no, I won't have the day off as I work for an overseas company. Thus, I follow a different public holiday schedule, which, in my case, is UK's public holidays. No Raya Haji for me. But I'm not exactly unhappy about it because I don't really celebrate Hari Raya Haji. My plan this weekend for Raya Haji is just to visit my cousins in Shah Alam and have a feast! 

Thing is, no matter how many times I explain to family and friends that I DO need to work on Malaysian public holidays, I still get them asking me if I am working or not on that particular day. I DO! I do work on Malaysian public holidays, for goodness sake! And I know in the future, I will STILL get the same questions! It is ridiculous and sometimes I feel like throwing pans at their faces for asking or stating the obvious. To add salt to the wound, they will then express their sorry and compassion (not sure out of sincerity or not) and go on and on about it being no big deal. *rolls eyes* Like, really?

I just don't get people sometimes.  

Why oh why do they keep doing that? Maybe I should just ignore them the next time, and THEN, I will get my moment of bliss. 

So yes, I DO work on Malaysian public holidays and if I feel like celebrating them together with the gazillion Malaysian citizens out there, I CAN take the day off if I want to. But if the plan involves squeezing with that same gazillion lot in a shopping mall, then, heck, I might just as well go to work, no traffic congestion to worry about and best of all, I get paid AND get another day off in lieu. 

In summary, folks, I DO WORK ON MALAYSIAN PUBLIC HOLIDAYS UNLESS I DON'T WANT TO! (in which case, like I said before, I would then apply for the day(s) off)


Love you lots, please don't hate me.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

when life hands you lemon

Grab as much opportunity as you can.

Let's berpuasa Arafah together :)

My first time, semoga dipermudahkan segalanya, insyallah.

Niat Puasa Hari Arafah

"Sahaja aku berpuasa sunat Hari Arafah 9 Zulhijjah kerana Allah Taala."

Nawaitu ashoumul arafah lilyaumil ghoddi lillahi Ta'ala.

p/s : This year 9 Zulhijjah falls tomorrow, 25th October 2012. Hence, please disregard the date shown as 2011 above :D

Monday, October 22, 2012

new york and paris

Did I ever tell you that I love prints?

Prints of all kinds; abstracts, photographic, colours, cartoons/comics, ALL OF THEM!

To some, this may mean I'm childish (that's a comment I got from 1 of my 'close' friends, a first for me getting that) but for me, prints mean a lot of things. 

They can represent a culture, lifestyle, emotions, dreams etc. 

For me, they give me inspiration to become who I am and who I want to be.

Let's take a stroll.

Dining place mat of the New York City. 
Every workaholics  dream city.

Ethnic tribal cushion covers (left) and Paris-inspired cushion covers.
Inspiring patterns and dream destination.

I'm in the ongoing process of decorating my house, and I was glad that I found these cushion covers because this is what I really wanted. There was a small business in Malaysia which sells Malaysia-themed place mats and cushion covers (with photos of nasi lemak, KLCC Twin Towers etc) but they were a tad bit expensive for my liking. However, they do look good, though. They are sold online and at 1 of the boutiques in Publika, which I can't remember the name. I will update the name here if I manage to recall the name. 

So, that was what I did on Sunday, spring-cleaned my house (more to my bedroom and living room jer) and got the sofa cushions their much-needed make-over with these nice designs. I still have quite a lot more of decoration items which are waiting to be placed nicely somewhere in the house. Have yet to find the time to put them all nicely, will do soon I hope!

Mission halfway-accomplished!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

quick food fix

Almost every weekend I'd go grocery-shopping with Mister to stock up on food and household items and that past weekend, I bought some tomatoes.

Today I felt like having a meal with tomatoes in it, so I whipped up my very own healthy and easy-to-prepare recipe, only by using 3 ingredients.

                           1. Tomatoes (diced)
                           2. Minced meat (I used chicken as I'm trying to clear off whatever that's left in my fridge) 
                           3. Onions (bawang besar)

Firstly, tumis the onions with very little cooking oil until it has gone a bit brownish. Throw in the minced meat and keep on stirring them together. Pardon my English wherever applicable ya :P
Lastly, throw in the diced tomatoes and some pinches of salt and ajinomoto, carefully blending them together to get the most out of their taste. 

And then voila, your meal is good to eat!
I made sandwiches with those and I think it would also be nice for a salad as well. 

Yippee, love the outcome! Am gonna make more of those. 

That was what I had for dinner. My yummy tomato chicken sandwich and a chicken pie


Friday, October 12, 2012


All I needed was self-control. 

And I succeeded. 

The usual me would have stormed off the scene.
The usual me wouldn't have even smiled, nor looked in their direction. 
But I did, I smiled and bid farewell. 

Such composure, I didn't even know where that came from. 

But then, I drove home in tears, while talking on the phone with the Mister, relating what had previously happened to me. 
Again, the usual me would've accelerated and sped home. 
The usual me would've pictured in her head all kinds of nasty things to do to let the steam off herself.

I guess tonight I am not my usual self.
And that most probably because I have a lot of things on my mind right now, and they multiplied after I had a pep talk with my boss earlier. 

One thing she said was, "Talk to anyone. If you're not comfortable talking to me, or G (the supervisor), you can always talk to HR, or other people".

Hmm, wonder what made her think that I have issues. 
I don't think I am having any issues now. It's just that I rarely speak up about myself to others. Well, is that an issue?

So I don't really talk to anyone about myself. 
It will be a BIG NO-NO to be talking about myself in this team . One day you'll be all buddies with each other, the next day your buddy will be scratching your back with their glistening long fingernails. 


Thing is, I have trust issues and I prefer to keep things to myself. Which is why I am more of a listener. 
And this is the reason I keep only a certain bunch of girlfriends in my close circle of friends. I agree totally to what Daphne Iking tweeted the other day.

They really are the reason I am able to keep my sanity intact. 

Ok, I guess I have said enough on this entry. 
What better way to ease pain other than to indulge with chips and chocolates on your comfy bed?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

keep those who make you happy

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with one of my best girlfriend, Zida, whom I have not gone out with for quite a while. 

I've been eye-ing for a special day out with her in September, because it's her birthday month (end of the month, to be exact) and told her to set aside a date just for the 2 of us *wink* Hahaha.

So, when she asked me if I was free for a date last Saturday, I immediately said yes. She requested for a day out at 1 Utama, so there we went. 

We had lunch at Delicious, and then had our shopping spree (this was on her wishlist). 

Isetan was having their sale, and boy, it was absolutely crazy. 
I, ehem, got myself an Isetan membership card, just to get 50% onwards discount on the items on sale. Yeah, me, who was never a fan of membership whatsoever.
Well, there's always a first time right? ;)

I got myself two tops, both grey. One beautiful chiffon top and a semi-formal waist-length jacket, good for office wear and outing wear. 

The birthday girl got herself a gorgeous tote bag (this is on her to-buy-for-birthday list).

That's my bestie.
I forgot to take photos of the both of us together :(

After raiding Isetan, we went to the next go-to on her wishlist. 


Yeah baby!

We both got ourselves a mist bottle each. Mine was called 'Body' and I actually fell in love with the smell when I first visited VS a few weeks ago. Planning to get one of these for my mum. I think she'll love it. 

We ended the day with some Sushi King, her first time trying it, and she loved it!

We spent our day in 1 Utama since 3pm until about 10 pm and boy, it was indeed a great girls outing ;)
We got to spend quality time together, doing what we do best :) and we actually got what we wanted. 
Yeah, ticking to-buy things off that wishlist now.

The week before, I spent some hours with some friends I haven't seen for a long time. A year (or more) to be exact. Whenever I go back to my hometown in Kuching, they are the ones I will always hang out with to catch the latest gossip (yeah, guys gossip too okay?) or just to goof around and kill some time. 

I've known these guys for more than 10 years now o_O

Dan and me

Mike and me

I am still waiting for some photos with my other girlfriends. Apparently when we went out to 'launch' H&M the other day, I got excited meeting each other (note : have not met each other for more than 6 months) that I have forgotten to take photos of us together.

That will come under a new entry, I suppose. 

Keep those friends who surround you with positivity and happiness :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

i wonder

How can we have this super great chemistry and not have the right timing?

Monday, October 1, 2012

cambodia, not vietnam

I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, recently for 3 days and it was an absolutely gorgeous place. More of my Siem Reap story in another entry, so here's a sneak peek :D

On the 2nd day, my brother sent me a Whatsapp very early in the morning, requesting me for an 'I love Vietnam' t-shirt.

I was in CAMBODIA (for goodness sake)! 

He better gets his geographical knowledge confusion (and his Vietnam spelling) straight. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

when bro visits kl (not for me, of course :P )

This is a really back-dated entry (I have lots of 'em.. erk!).
This was when my brother visited KL in July and I had to bring him on his mission to get a few souvenirs for himself, friends and the family. 

So Candylicious for the final destination it is! 

Posing with the mini trolleys

He shops worse than I do. Seriously.

One for the camera - with Mr Reese and Mr Hershey

Miss Vanity

Just before picking up the Mister for lunch

Til then, night all!