Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serbu M&S ramai-ramai meh!

I  (scratch thatWe bought quite a number of goodies from Marks & Spencer today. And by goodies, I mean food (obviously, lol).  Most of the goodies were on very good bargain because the expiry date is nearing. So, you can get yummy chocolate truffles or marzipan at RM5, butter/choc biscuits at RM10, ginger thins at RM15, chips at RM6 etc. Awesome kan? We were literally rambang mata, I tell you. 


Well, this is like, only a part of our purchase. The Mister has taken another part of it home as they were non-halal :P

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Serbuuuuuuu!

Annual Dinner time!

Last year, HSS had the Oscar's as its theme and I had worn this. 

This year, HSS will have another theme, which is ... JENG JENG JENGGGG...
You know how hard of a costume that will be?

Takkan laa nak pakai macam ni
Ya I know it's drop dead gojes
But you gotta be kiddin' me



Ambik kau, Cleopatra! 
Goddess la sangat. 
Adoi, macamana nie?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings, designer love and empty things..

I bet you have at least experienced (or have seen) instances where the guy gives the girl a lavish gift and straightaway the girl will say, 'Oh I love you so much' .. yada yada.. And THEN, I bet you would've said/thought something alone this line, 'Of course la you love him so much, he got you a BMW for crying out loud' :P 


I was one of the people who used to say the above. (guilty guilty!) Until my awakening recently where I was in a quite similar situation and did the very same thing. 

Immediately it dawned upon me that, it is not about the gift. It's the thought. Right, that sounds a bit cliché, does't it? I'll rephrase it. 

The gift, take for example, the BMW, it's a part of your passion, something that you've dreamed of, only better because you get to keep it. And because it's like a dream to you, it's almost impossible for you to have it (not in the very near future, that is). So when you finally get it that instant, it's like, 'Wow, I never would have thought.' Yes, you never would have thought you will get what you really love, that soon and from the person you love most. Hence, nothing is more beautiful than to utter 'I love you.'

So, I can feel Carrie's overwhelming sense of happiness when Mr Big gave her THE closet. Ah, the way to a girl's heart eh? ;) 

I hereby declare that I've officially removed myself from the list of the people above. Ngeh. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, lovely people

Valentine's Day's just a few hours/minutes away. Honestly, I feel like it's a bit overrated, but at the same time I feel it's sweet too. Ngeh. For a Muslim like me, it's not encouraged to celebrate such day as the day is actually dedicated to a celebration for the Christians. Everyone has their personal opinions, right? 

For me, it doesn't necessary mean that you can only show your expression of love on Valentine's Day. You can do it any other day, by all means. I guess as long as your intention is right. 

On the other hand, celebrating the day feels kind of exciting too because you can actually feel the aura in the air, the color, the decoration you see in shopping malls, the overly-expensive-but-gorgeous red roses, stories of how-we-first-met in the papers, the pretty love-shaped cakes and gift boxes, Valentine's Day breakfast/lunch/dinner promotions,  the smile you see on the couple's faces, the hope and the dreams. 

On this very day last year, my then boyfriend asked for my hand in marriage. Unfortunately, sometimes good things don't last forever, do they? Oh well, there are reasons behind them, I guess. As the Malays would say, ' Ada hikmah di sebalik setiap kejadian. Manusia hanya mampu merancang'. 

And hikmah it was because then I realized that I was blessed with amazing girlfriends who tried so very hard to make sure I was still sane. They made sure I was OK and get this, they even made sure my weekends were filled up with dates with them (to make sure I won't be moping around, ngeh).  Another hikmah was that I met a lovely guy, and I think this is by far the best decision I've made, insya-Allah

A few days ago I was watching this on Youtube and I love it instantly. It's sweet like that, you know. So, Happy Valentine's Day, people. Love ya to bits!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweets for my sweets

Heh. Don't worry, this is not another lash out  :P 
Remember when I said the past weeks have been lovely and beautiful? It's because of these! Weeee... 

Sirap bandung and Chinese Tea
Penang Villange, Tropicana City 

Penang Village Special Fried Rice
Penang Village, Tropicana City

Lemon Butter Pan-seared Salmon
Scrummy, Sentul

Chicken Escaladas
Scrummy, Sentul

Bread pudding
Scrummy, Sentul

Kelana Jaya, PJ

Cordon Bleu
Sanook, Kelana Jaya

Seafood Spaghetti
Sanook, Kelana Jaya

Bacon Swiss Burger
Carl's Junior, Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway

Not so nice food. Sour face :(

Garlic bread
Frames, Sunway Pyramid

Carbonara Pasta
Frames, Sunway Pyramid

Salmon something
Frames, Sunway Pyramid


Cranberry cheese + Quiche + Croque-Monsieur 
The Loaf, Subang Empire Gallery
(ate this today!)

Lovely goodies aren't they all? *lol* 

Yeah, today I dragged myself to Subang Parade to shop for a little something and was gratefully relieved for the clear traffic all the way there. I didn't get what I wanted to buy but instead I got myself a new dress and I LOVE IT :) That made my day. Weehuu. It's absolutely gorgeous, white with black artsy splotches and it hangs in all the right places. Love it love it :))) And I found out that they have quite a number of selection for dinner dresses. Hurm, another spot to stop by pretty soon. Heee.. Later on, I walked to Subang Empire to see if they have what I wanted to buy initially, but to no avail. Oh well, I guess I'll need to scour somewhere else then.. (excusesss, i know, heh)

A little bit on the photos above. Penang Village was located in Tropicana City Mall, in the vicinity of Damansara. When we walked in, there were practically no patrons in the restaurant, only a table of four was occupied, the rest was empty. I guess it has nothing to do with the decoration since it was pretty tastefully-decorated and the price on the menu is affordable as well. Maybe because it's new? Looks new anyways. The food we ordered, Penang Village Special Fried Rice, was quite good actually, with its own special sambal which as commented by my boyfriend, 'Nice sambal' (and he is one who doesn't really eat sambal, you know). Ngehhh. 

Next, Scrummy is a pink-and-white-themed diner we stumbled upon in Sentul (we were headed for Subway but stopped halfway to sorta admire this really really pink diner. Heheh) Service was superb, food was absolutely delicious and price is reasonable. If it weren't for the location, I would go here every other weekend :P 

I went to Sanook on a Tuesday after work. This bar cum restaurant was actually discovered by chance since I actually planned to go to Cowboy, also in Kelana Jaya, but was closed due to an unknown reason. Sanook was located on the opposite side of the KJ lake and is actually one of few bistros lined up at that side of the KJ lake, and indeed the scenery is beautiful, with the flickering of colorful lights and nice music from the bars. If you've been to Singapore's Clarke Quay, this area very much resembles the hip and happening hangout. Although the price of the food here is quite pricey, out of 5 stars, I'd give a 4. Worth your time and money, especially if you're the type who loves chilling out after work (my kinda thing.. ngehh). 

I don't have to give an introduction on Carl's Junior, do i? Pretty self-explanatory :)

Frames, as its name represent, focuses mainly on decor and ambiance. Almost all the walls are covered with, yes, frames, and profesionally-taken photographs. A pretty good concept   which I think will woo the urbans as photography is kind of IN right now. Food-wise, it's pretty bad. The salmon could have been a delicious meal on its own without the 'whatever-gravy-kinda-thing' on top of it, the garlic bread was just nice I could've done a better job, and my carbonara pasta was just urm, weird. Not a good dining experience, although I can see that their service is superb. Waitresses were always on their hands and feet, and the chef himself came out of the kitchen to mingle with the diners. 

So, these are what made the past weeks pretty happy.Haha. Happy tummy eh?  Ciao!

Lashing out at ya

Dear God,

I guess this week is a hell of a week for me. Trying times, I should say. I might even swear in this blog entry. I mean, why is it when I thought everything's already settled, some kind of shit will emerge again and again, making my life miserable all over? Why can't some people take no for an answer? Why is it some people people tend to make promises but never stick to it in the end?

How do you deal with the past? Ok, let me re-phrase that scenario. Get this, I was down with fever, flu and cough since Monday (that's 5 days ago). The beau has gone for a week's holiday, promising to call. 4 days later, only 2 calls received. I gave 1 call back and what I got was a non-romantic harsh conversation which ended like 5 minutes later? Do I deserve that? So for a 4-day's worth of missing you, that's all I get? To top it all of, there's the case of the Ex, who have been calling me every single day, morning and night to ask how I'm doing because he knows I'm sick. I freakin' hate it because the one who should be calling is you, my beau, not him! And I hate it too when this mind started to weigh the pros and cons, I hate it because all I want is you.  

And you know what, it kinda scares me because it's either I'm going berserk or if faith alone could outweigh everything else. Before I was involved, I came to You for some assurance and You didn't disappoint me. I know I'm stronger than this, it's just that sometimes I just couldn't find the silver lining, you get what I mean. 

I despise this feeling that I have now. Or the fact that sometimes being independent doesn't always mean you have to keep everything inside. Hence, this lash out. I need my besties.