Sunday, June 27, 2010

the after nasi-goreng-munch (reposted)

Note (cum disclaimer) : This is a repost from my previous blog site ( when I was still very much new to serious blogging. That was when the hormones are raging and bits and pieces of the blog might contain emotional elements. TQ
September 3rd, 2005 
Just finished Makcik Suhadriz’s Nasi Goreng Daging Kunyit. Not as yummy as the one made by her son (cheh,anaknya juak). Tapi memang betul bah. I didn’t get my fingers as kuning as they were when I had the one her son made. (just a note for Makcik in case she or her konco reads this: Makcik masak  tak kurang hebatt ;) )

I’m listening to Red.The one where they have weekly love-thing show on air. My first time. Sounds like fun (so far). They haven’t exactly opened up a topic yet but I’m enjoying the songs, nevertheless. Incidently, they too, played ‘Cobalah Untuk Setia’ by Kris Dayanti. One of my ‘favourite but jarang dengar‘ songs.

Cobalah Untuk Setia
by Kris Dayanti

Apalah mau mu kasih
Kau pilih diriku di dalam hidupmu
Nyatanya ku lihat kini
Tak bisa kau coba untuk setia
Sudah cukuplah sudah
Ku memberikan waktu
Kau selalu tak bisa
Mencoba untuk setia
Yang selalu kuinginkan
Yang selalu ku nanti
Kau coba tuk mengerti
Apalah arti mencinta
Dan kau harus sadari
Bila ingin bersamamu
Jangan coba kau ingkari
Cobalah untuk setia
Masihkah aku diinginkan
Masihkah aku didambakan
Masih ada waktu untukku
Bersamamu akanku jalani hidup 

Secara tak langsung, I feel a little bit sad. No, nothing kenak-mengenak with me but yalah, I feel sad over those who ‘tidak disetiakanoleh kekasih-kekasih mereka. I mean, how sad kan?

Honestly, I don’t tolerate to acts of infidelity. I don’t even understand why they even have such word. To me, when you’re committed to someone, go all the way-lah. If you don’t love them anymore, just break it off and snag your new guy/gal. Easy. Why torture those hopefuls? Why commit if you still feel like doing some serious fling-ing? Don’t expect people to be loyal to you if you still want to ogle around. And to question  why your partner’s not  treating you well is just plain stupid. Come on, be  reasonable. Think about it.

On the subject of hopefuls, just imagine how they  would feel. Okay, here’s a scenario for you, readers:

You go fishing one day. Your  very first time. And since it’s your first time, you don’t expect to catch any. Amateur katakan. But you  secretly wish that you’d catch a small one, at least. Suddenly,  your rod  caught onto something and when you pull it, there’s a  big fish at the end of your rod, hanging onto your bait. Because it’s big and and it’s your first time fishing, you sedaya upaya pull  the rod from the water and voila, you succeeded in getting the fish into your bucket. You feel proud. You can’t wait to show it off to everybody, since it’s your first  catch. You even  planned on keeping the fish as a pet, and start to imagine hoow it would look like in an aquarium at the corner of your room. Tapi belum sempat you think of where to get the aquarium, you accidently kicked your bucket of your catch and off it goes into the  water again. You feel disappointed. Your happiness lasted for only a while. Your plans are no longer  meaningful. And although you can still catch another, it won’t bring the same  excitement and happiness you felt when you had your first catch.

Comprehende?  Kapish? Wakarimasu ka?

That’s how it goes, more or less.
I don’t know about you, maybe I’m just naive or just one of those old-age Juliet (ahaa!!), but I prefer one man at a time. No need to multi-task at multi-times. Hahaaa. I just hope I’ll  stay this way. It gives me full satisfaction of knowing that I did it the way it should be. Call me whatever, but I still think that there’s no reason nor excuse for  infidelity.

Now, the reason of the repost?

Heard Anang's song 'Separuh Jiwaku Pergi' in the FM today (apparently the song's dedicated to Kris on her infidelity) and I remembered I posted Kris's 'Cobalah Untuk Setia' in my old blog.

Monday, June 21, 2010

If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?

We will find each other.

Weekends are like sunshine

There were many 'firsts' for me that weekend.

I got to finally see Elle's newborn boy. A first step to Taman Melati. A first to Elle's apartment. A first to have eaten Elle's fresh-cooked food (sedap!). I spent the day taking in the little baby's cute face. He's so small and so fragile and so bulat. Geram! Playing with Ainuur, Elle's 4 year old daughter who is absolutely adorable. I bet Elle has fantastic time raising her.Honestly if I (ever) have a daughter, I want to have a beautiful bond with her (sisterly, motherly, best-friend-ly, you name it). I want to watch my children grow up in front of my very own eyes. Must be a great gift to be watching the many phases your child goes through (feeling it feeling it).

After visiting, I took the Putra back to Kelana Jaya and head back home. At the time it was around 5 pm and I was already feeling kind of exhausted. But I'm stubborn, you see, 'cos then I decided since I still had time to spare for the day, why not go explore the new IOI Boulevard in Puchong (another first!). 

Recently opened for more shopping and eating experience, the IOI Boulevard also holds flea market on weekends at the Palette Palette. So I took a brief walk around the area and was a little disappointed as there were only very few stalls opened and the crowd was well, disappointing! I take it as maybe the families are at the malls getting their kids ready for school, hence the not-so-happening flea markets. Oh well. Anyhoo, I can see that the IOI Boulevard will be the next IN lepak place as they have a lot of outdoor cafes, bars, salons, shops, bakeries etc. That's good, although I think the area is congested enough already.

Next on my first list is Cone Pizza (in IOI Boulevard). Yep, you got that right. Pizza made into a cone shape.


 I chose to have Chicken in Creamy Sauce (err, something like that) and it IS indeed a delight :) 2 thumbs up for the outlet's serene atmosphere. A recommended dating spot, I must say. Heh. 

Next, SPA!
Oh god, what a heaven it is to be pampered with sexy strokes in rose oil from head to toe (all, except for my boobs that is). 

The Sembunyi Spa is located in the serene Cyberjaya, away from the husle of the busy city. Perfect for a getaway. There are a variety of spa packages that you can choose, including packages for couples ;)

For my spa retreat, I've chosen 'Calm Me Down' package which includes a 60-mins massage treatment and a special bath. For the massage, I had the 'Serenity' massage which is a traditional Balinese massage (long strokes with own techniques - good for the stressed body) and for the bath, I had 'In The Garden' (milk bath with flower petals). 

Had the best quality time spent in the jacuzzi as well. Get this, overlooking the lake! :) I loveeee.. and spent a little time in the sauna and steam room. I wish I had a house with all these luxury. Heee.. (Aminnn..)

Weekends are like sunshine! ^_^
If you think happiness is all about sunshine, then nobody has told you about dancing in the rain


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Been there, done that, kept the jewelry.


 A perfect gift from Elle :)
(do note the label 'Find true love')

Perfect. Quite a surprise actually to be getting this book as a gift. Thanks Elle! Perfect for a Monday :) 

According to Elle, the book is about the types of men that you meet along the way to meeting your Mr Right. Sounds fun ;) And she says the pointers given are very much true based on her own experience. She's happily married with a pair of girl + 1 newborn boy. Heee.. semangat nih.. 

Okay, hope I will get to meet Mr Right pretty soon eh?

Honestly, it didn't hit me until just now . Am I really happy with my life now? (hint : single ya'll). Well, there are perks, of course. But on certain days (or nights) it just gets to you, you know (for eg, tonight la. dang!). I wish for a lot of good things, it's just that maybe I am asking too much. So hurm, let it all flow and let things settle their own way. 

They say confidence is sexy. Yes, I agree. Because looking back, I realize that most of the guys I've dated are lacking of that. I wonder why. I mean, as men, don't they possess that already? So eventually those relationships ended up with sort of like a healing process, where I nurse them back to health, put the confidence in them and when they are able to finally be that confident man, they took off or some disgrace landed their way right smack in the middle of us. Such a tiring process I feel. 

Have I looked for you in all the wrong places?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pavillion newbie

You know what? I have officially finally stepped into Pavillion *lol* Pathetic, kinda. Haha. Verdict - same like any other, but I like the food court ('cos it reminds me of Singapore's Bugis Street Mall) and the open-air pathway for the outdoor restaurants. Loveee it!

Watched Karate Kid today, and it was awesome - highly recommended :) 

Huh, it's Monday tomorrow. Eeek! Hope it passes by fast. 

What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?  - Jack Kerouac

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Off to dreamland

If you think happiness is all about sunshine, then nobody has told you about dancing in the rain

Shopping malls are heaven on earth

Yes, shopping malls are heaven on earth because when you're inside them, you feel as though you're floating, everything is perfect and you've got people to serve you. Weeee..  

Ole2 dari Subang Parade. The blue dress is my HSS dinner dress

So my main purpose of my activity today is to scour for dinner dress, but ended up with more *erk!*  The salesperson (her name is Mastura) is really good okay? Should give chances :P No, seriously she's good, with opinions, patience, suggestions, dress sense. One of the best shopping experience I had my entire life (betul tak tipu). Same goes to that one time when I went to just go sofa-surveying at a nearby furniture place and ended up buying the sofa. The salesperson was good and it was easy dealing with him. Plus he made sure the sofa did arrive on time and no issues with the pre and post delivery. I like. (got compliments from the tetamu-tetamu who singgah berehat at our house. yippee!). 

So main point here is probably just to say that sometimes we cannot just say no-no to anything, for example, a salesperson (cos usually most of us would do that right?). Give them chances to talk and present whatever they have. Same goes to the rest of us. Sometimes we do need to give chances to other people to see what they have to offer. If you don't give them chances, we will never know. At my workplace, we do have people who are full of potential but because most people will not give them chances, they are not able to shine and show what they are capable of. Give it a thought. I'm too, am sure you will not be where you are today if not for chances which was given to you a long time ago :)

 Oh ya, in my previous post I posted the bedsheet that I recently bought, but I forgot to post the photos of the food I ate at TGIF. Slurps!

Sizzling shrimps and chicken breast - 2 thumbs up!

Macaroni and cheese - Highly recommended!

I just love to shop and eat   
*dreams of X6, a beach house and a hunk*

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Monday EVER!

Hey hey

*humming to the sound of 'September' by Sisqo*

First of all, why do men say that they are gonna call when in fact they never do and will never do? Just random thoughts, 'cos suddenly thought of an ex *lol* A disastrous relationship, if you ask me. Lost a best buddy.

ANYways, that was just an intro. Keh keh.

I had a rather packed weekend, looking for Norish's wedding present + strolling around J**co and get overwhelmed by the many nice bedsheets on sale. I bought one myself.

very simple but i like it :)
quite a contrast to what i had in mind before - sexy red/fuchia spread to make me feel all sexay going to sleep :P

Planned to go spa that weekend as well, but the rooms are all booked for the rest of the afternoon. Oh well! We set up another date. Will be updating more then.

Next point, I think today is the best Monday ever! 'Cos I went back from work at 6 sharp. Woot! Not too many work today (bet tomorrow the number is gonna be triple). So what I did when I reached home was rendam the bihun, sliced some hotdogs and made bihun goreng (yes yes I'm so proud of myself although I really think my niece could be doing the same thing every morning and not care a bit about it). I cleaned up my room, toilet and got all my laundry done. On a Monday! :D Weee! I hope for more Mondays like this :)

Ok, tata. Need to get beauty sleep on the new bedsheet!! Daaa..