Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Been there, done that, kept the jewelry.


 A perfect gift from Elle :)
(do note the label 'Find true love')

Perfect. Quite a surprise actually to be getting this book as a gift. Thanks Elle! Perfect for a Monday :) 

According to Elle, the book is about the types of men that you meet along the way to meeting your Mr Right. Sounds fun ;) And she says the pointers given are very much true based on her own experience. She's happily married with a pair of girl + 1 newborn boy. Heee.. semangat nih.. 

Okay, hope I will get to meet Mr Right pretty soon eh?

Honestly, it didn't hit me until just now . Am I really happy with my life now? (hint : single ya'll). Well, there are perks, of course. But on certain days (or nights) it just gets to you, you know (for eg, tonight la. dang!). I wish for a lot of good things, it's just that maybe I am asking too much. So hurm, let it all flow and let things settle their own way. 

They say confidence is sexy. Yes, I agree. Because looking back, I realize that most of the guys I've dated are lacking of that. I wonder why. I mean, as men, don't they possess that already? So eventually those relationships ended up with sort of like a healing process, where I nurse them back to health, put the confidence in them and when they are able to finally be that confident man, they took off or some disgrace landed their way right smack in the middle of us. Such a tiring process I feel. 

Have I looked for you in all the wrong places?

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