Monday, January 24, 2011

Before I sleep


They say it's addictive. Ya, I guess. Sometimes it makes me scared because I don't want to be hurting again and again and having to start over. It's a tiring process. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

♥ly weekend + Glenn's 'Sekali Ini Saja'. Couldn't get any better than this.

Sekali Ini Saja - Glenn Fredly
*courtesy of
Bersamamu kulewati
Lebih dari seribu malam
Bersamamu yang kumau
Namun kenyataannya tak sejalan

Tuhan bila masih ku diberi kesempatan
Izinkan aku untuk mencintanya
Namun bila waktuku telah habis dengannya
Biar cinta hidup sekali ini saja

Tak sanggup bila harus jujur
Hidup tanpa hembusan nafasnya

Tuhan bila waktu dapat kuputar kembali
Sekali lagi untuk mencintanya
Namun bila waktuku telah habis dengannya
Biarkan cinta ini, biarkan cinta ini
Hidup untuk sekali ini saja

I stumbled upon this song again after searching for Glenn Fredly. It has been ages, man! It triggers a long-lost passion. Weeee.. saya sukaa! Wanted to post this song in my FB page but couldn't find a decent version. Anyways, I LOVE the song and FYI, this song was actually taken as a soundtrack for an Indonesian drama called 'Istri Untuk Suamiku' which I used to watch back then. Weee, sangat suka.

And oh yeah, by the way, I had the most amazing weekend. A weekend of love and passion 


Have a great week ahead :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you still meeting Mr Frog?

‎"You have to go through the frogs first to get to the prince."

Spot on.

Looking for inspiration

Some MORE inspirations that I want to share. 
Because they ROCK!
Honestly, this is something that is ME. Totally. 

(photo credits to razak ahmad of FLORA, etc)

Aren't they amazing?

This is something that I've long dreamt about. Hold it, not for myself ('tho it wouldn't hurt.Ngeh :P ), but for others.

If you've followed my blog from the very beginning, I was constantly mentioning that I love to see beautiful things, for e.g children, weddings, laughter etc. I love all that, which is why I love photography in the first place. I've left all my passion behind me, including involving myself in managing events like weddings, promotional events like tourism and such. Thought of igniting those in the very near future. 

Inspirations, do come and enlighten me :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pearls are my next bestfriend

Was blog-browsing when I stumbled upon this wonderful piece of art.

Would you LOOK at this?

(photo credits to razak ahmad of FLORA, etc)

Would you LOOK AT THATTTT????
I mean, how beautiful can they be???
Damn romantic the colours. So soft, delicate and pure. Aduihhh. 

I have never really thought beige colour and pearls are pretty. When I was in HK, I bought 3 bracelets with pearls because I think they are really, really nice (have not worn them yet). Now I think I'm in love with them pearls *sigh* Cantik!

On a different note, lately I'm feeling happy :) *floats + sheepish grin*
Especially tonight.
Probably because tonight I had dinner with another best friend whom I haven't seen in 2 months.
Probably because tomorrow is Friday (yahhh!)
Or probably because I'm going on a date tomorrow! (double yahh!)

My boyfriend just had his haircut and he said that he's wearing 'smart2' tomorrow for the date after work. Weeeee..   

Am in ♥  :)))

You don't know how much you've moved me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photos from last weekend

A few snapshots from last weekend date :)

Brunch at Madam Kwan's, Pavillion
Nasi lemak and teh tarik. Ooomph! Have not had their nasi lemak for ages!

My dessert, sago gula melaka. Sodap!

Another sweet treat from 'Delectable'. It's a cake called '7 sins'. Sounds sinful isn't it? *lol* Made from 7 layers of chocolates. 

Good packaging eh?

But if fooled me! Did not taste as good as it looks, but anyhoo.. 

Those are about the only photos I took. Sedap kannn? Ciaoo!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's fall and stay in ♥

Where do I even begin? :) Everything's so beautiful :)

First and foremost, I busted my promise to myself which was not to go shopping for the next 6 months (due to shopping giler2 in HK).

What I did was spend $ in Forever 21 (I even planned to go there again next weekend.Demmmittt!) Helloo? 70% sale!! And I'm planning this year to have more lacey blouses :D

Next, I bought RM300++ worth of cosmetics, whereby I needed only the foundation, but ended up buying soap + make-up remover. HOWEVER! The kind saleslady gave me 6 extra gifts and I'm sooooo loving them. I love her! And she asked me to come back to her for future purchases. I definitely will!

And then, erm.. I was out with my beau :) We watched 'Little Fockers' and the movie was not too bad, more to 18SX, I can say.  

So far I am blessed to have him in my new life, seriously. He has been nothing but a gentleman. Because the thing is, he makes me happy . Love you, sayang (he will be reading this :P )

Honestly I have been having these weird feeling, I mean in a good way. It's like everything is falling in place, one by one. I feel like everything around me has been positive and that this year is going to be a good year, God-willing. 

Let's hope for miracles ;) 
Fall in love, it's beautiful.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leave me alone

I hate it so much when I wake up on a weekend morning feeling great, with all these exciting plans up in my head and THEN whammmm, I get sad and depressing phone calls or people calling me going on and on about their problems and expecting me to solve them. I mean, get a life. I gave you my opinion, suggestions but you don't even consider them, so stop calling me. 

So okay yeah, maybe I'm selfish or whatsoever but I need some me time as well alrite? And when I get these calls, they tend to influence my mood for the day and I goddamned hate it. HATE IT!

Like this morning, when my EX called me, taking me down memorylane and stuffs like that. Come on, you have your own life and now I have mine. Stop blabbing about the past because I've moved on, you made me. And when you started telling me about your new life, I was alone in some freaking country with no one to hold on to. Talk about being selfish. But I have moved on, and so should you.   

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so nice. But the thing is, I cannot be bad to others because that is not who I am and I also believe in karma. This too, actually is a setback for me because some tend to take this opportunity to hurt me. Geram! Can you dodos leave me alone? 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have a little faith, my soul

Sure I have my own insecurities.

I never thought I was as beautiful, as pretty as everyone else. It doesn't help that the perception the society has on the definition of beauty has always been, okay here it goes, fair and slim. Yeap, something which I do not have.

Growing up as a chubby child has taken a toll on my self-esteem, and it doesn't help that I was raised in an environment where time for the offspring were never enough and compliments were miserly uttered. 

I was lucky enough to be surrounded with kind people in my own land but eventually, adulthood came and started its way into knowing what the real world was like. Cruel. 

Teens nowadays could probably be thinking the worse thing that could happen to them is fitting in, but no, the worse thing is if you are still able to get up after that fall. Life WILL knock you down, trust me. 

My point is, maybe, just maybe, have a little faith in yourself. It works wonders (faith can move mountains, geddit?). I'm actually telling this to myself because of the reason in the first line. Ngehhhh..

It helps too, to just have a little faith in those around you. Praises, kind words and compliments can be very handy along the way. Been through that rough time numerous times and faith from close friends have always renewed me :)

Have a little faith, my poor soul

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - a heart full of love :)

I am finally back home! Yippee! Arrived at home at approximately 7-ish pm on 31st Dec. Could not describe the feeling that I am finally in the comfort of my own small but comfy apartment. I guess it's true when they say that no matter where you go, there is definitely no place like home. 

I recall one night on the way walking alone towards Mongkok, I stopped by 7E to get something to drink. There were lots of weird drinks which I would have loved to try, but instead I took Coke. Right away, I realise that no matter how amazing the place you may be at, no matter how fascinating your life may be at any point of your life, you will need something or someone who/which you are comfortable with to keep you grounded and always remind you of who you really are. 

Which is why I am now missing my girlfriends so much. They bring the best out of you (even when you're at your worst), they cheer and cry, forgive and accept, hugs and warms you up when the world is cold. And oh boy, the world can really be cold, if you know what I mean. 

2010 was quite a bumpy ride (read my blog u'll see what I mean) but fortunately it ended up nicely. I plan to leave the past behind, which means, no more mourning, to take a fresh start to a great new year and continue to complete my resolutions which I had prepared early 2010. Have completed 2 out of 4 :P But then again, I couldn't quite say that they were completed entirely because some are never-ending processes (i.e saving up for future). If leaving 2010 was an option to decide, I would be gladly giving it away, and I was also glad I kick-started 2011 with a nice date :) (you decide if it's a noun or a verb :D ) 

So, here's to 2011 with happy children, compassionate hearts, achieving goals and dreams, more realistic decisions, happiness + health + wealth, and most importantly, a heart full of LOVE :) Cheers!