Friday, January 14, 2011

Pearls are my next bestfriend

Was blog-browsing when I stumbled upon this wonderful piece of art.

Would you LOOK at this?

(photo credits to razak ahmad of FLORA, etc)

Would you LOOK AT THATTTT????
I mean, how beautiful can they be???
Damn romantic the colours. So soft, delicate and pure. Aduihhh. 

I have never really thought beige colour and pearls are pretty. When I was in HK, I bought 3 bracelets with pearls because I think they are really, really nice (have not worn them yet). Now I think I'm in love with them pearls *sigh* Cantik!

On a different note, lately I'm feeling happy :) *floats + sheepish grin*
Especially tonight.
Probably because tonight I had dinner with another best friend whom I haven't seen in 2 months.
Probably because tomorrow is Friday (yahhh!)
Or probably because I'm going on a date tomorrow! (double yahh!)

My boyfriend just had his haircut and he said that he's wearing 'smart2' tomorrow for the date after work. Weeeee..   

Am in ♥  :)))

You don't know how much you've moved me.

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