Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let's fall and stay in ♥

Where do I even begin? :) Everything's so beautiful :)

First and foremost, I busted my promise to myself which was not to go shopping for the next 6 months (due to shopping giler2 in HK).

What I did was spend $ in Forever 21 (I even planned to go there again next weekend.Demmmittt!) Helloo? 70% sale!! And I'm planning this year to have more lacey blouses :D

Next, I bought RM300++ worth of cosmetics, whereby I needed only the foundation, but ended up buying soap + make-up remover. HOWEVER! The kind saleslady gave me 6 extra gifts and I'm sooooo loving them. I love her! And she asked me to come back to her for future purchases. I definitely will!

And then, erm.. I was out with my beau :) We watched 'Little Fockers' and the movie was not too bad, more to 18SX, I can say.  

So far I am blessed to have him in my new life, seriously. He has been nothing but a gentleman. Because the thing is, he makes me happy . Love you, sayang (he will be reading this :P )

Honestly I have been having these weird feeling, I mean in a good way. It's like everything is falling in place, one by one. I feel like everything around me has been positive and that this year is going to be a good year, God-willing. 

Let's hope for miracles ;) 
Fall in love, it's beautiful.

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