Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Farewell B!

I've finally blocked the B from my FB account. 

The first time I've EVER removed AND blocked anyone on my FB.

But she's just too much this time. 

Last Friday she made a scene AGAIN.

She had recently finished a macro-based process improvement idea, so she sent an email together with the macro and procedures attached to the rest of us team, plus our supervisor.

Having tested the very same macro before this, I tested again the macro that she attached to see if there are any changes to the testing macro. No changes, except that when I ran the macro, it failed because of a wrong location of a file in the macro. For the previous testing macro, I detected the error and fixed the bug in the macro script and even tested along with a few others. So for this finalised one, the same bug appeared and of course, I pointed out to her that the location for the file in the macro script and the procedures is wrong. Otherwise, the macro wouldn't be able to generate the correct output. Come on, I was a computer science student okay?
And I guess, she was taken aback. The funny thing was that she immediately answered, "That procedure was sent by the Senior Manager to me."

So basically she's saying that all these things are NOT her work! (when all this while she prides herself in saying she did the macro and the procedures) BLAH! SO LAME!

I suggested that she changed the macro script and procedures to reflect the correct location of the file (it was on an A drive instead of Z drive). Senang jer, just change Z to A lah kan? 

So then she started asking why is mine mapped to A? I answered, everyone's mapped to A, why is yours mapped to Z? 

She then asked the Supervisor, does she need to change the drive. Supervisor pun satu. He answered, "Well, it depends on which drive you've mapped it to." So atas pagar punye jawapan. 

My next-door cubicle partner then pointed out that when we first started the process, the Manager herself has specifically instructed us to map everything to A drive. 

I was so furious by then, that I quickly searched my entire Outlook for the said instruction via email. And there it was, clearly stating (or instructing rather) that everyone should map to A drive. Felt like forwarding the mail to both my Supervisor and the bitch. 

But I decided against it. 

I mean, seriously, what's so hard about changing a drive name in your macro script? It's not like I'm asking you to change the entire macro for God's sake! I even had a feeling that she didn't even do the script, that was  why she was so flabbergasted when I asked her to change her goddamned script!

And the great thing was that, that whole drama spoiled my ENTIRE Christmas weekend! ENTIRE!

I had no mood on Saturday, I lashed out a lot on my boyfriend (pity him :'( thank God he's very sabar) and after much pujuk, I finally got my mood back on Sunday. Love you, sayang!

So, farewell B!


Just for the record, last Friday the Senior Manager came to us personally and made sure everyone's drive was mapped to A!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

We can't live without 'em, can we?

I would normally blog about things that interest me. One of the obvious, is FOOD! 

Array of Indian delicacies that was served buffet-style at my office 
for Deepavali celebration

@ Paddington House of Pancakes, Midvalley

also at Paddington's. 
I simply LOVE their pancakes!

Sago gula melaka, Kitchen Village, Cyberjaya

This is one of my favourite dish and I will always pick it up from the conveyor belt
Salmon cheese croquette! Nyums!

Salmon skin, my beau's favourite

This is actually a one-of dish they have in IKEA (something like Manager's special)
It's called Nasi Ayam Sarawak
Nothing Sarawak-ish about this dish, it's just that personally I think that this dish dubs 
Sarawak's very own fast-food restaurant, Sugarbun's, famous rice dish

Yup, the ever classic IKEA meatballs! *screams*

Bento set from Jusco food court, One Utama

Cookies & Cream waffles, Gelare

Salmon dish, Ayers Rock, The Strand

Beef burger, also from Ayers Rock, The Strand

Seafood platter, The Manhattan Fish Market, e-Curve
Seriously filling, I tell you!

Clams fra diavolo, Italiannies, Curve

Turkey ham and cheese pizza, also Italiannies, Curve
I actually had the urge to have some crisp thin pizza that day, so I opted for this instead of the usual Shrimp Alio Oglio

So there you go, favourite food and favourite makan spots. 
What made me how I am today :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First time with Premium Beautiful Corset.. am no longer a corset virgin!

Earlier in the day, I had an appointment with Sherliza and her mentor, Mai for Premium Beautiful (PB) corset discussion and advice session (sounds so gempak, haha). It's just to show me how the business starts and flows to have further understanding on what this Hai-O business is all about. 

Strictly speaking, I have NEVER trusted any direct/sales marketing business before, let alone joining in. However, til 2 weeks ago, I've gone from a 100% sceptic to 50% sceptic. Eheh, well Rome wasn't built in a day, you know!

Basically, you can use PB for self-use (ie to use on your own for beauty and health purpose) OR you can use PB as a business platform (and get back your total cost  in 1 month! plus, your income of RM4500 and rebate money). 

Since I'm a business virgin, I've decided to just buy 1 corset for my own usage first and maybe start the business later. After the discussion with Mai earlier, the business plan sounds easy, you just need to be hardworking as this is about how badly you want the return to be like. In short, if you wanna have a 10k income, then get your ass of the couch and look for your 10k business. Even Mai, who currently has a monthly income of MYR60K, is  still dedicated to looking for clients and making time for her business partners. 

Anyhoo, back to the PB corset story, last 2 weeks, I've had my first PB corset fitting with Sherliza and honestly, the corset was comfortable, no rolling up on the edges, no uncomfy feeling yada2. It's just that I didn't get to try on the girdle because the size that Sherliza has at that time is not my size (I've got a BIG bottom :D) and sadly to say, the girdle with my size is currently no longer in stock. But she will get to me the day after tomorrow to allow some time for her to get back to the stockist (hujung bulan biasa lah).

Just now I brought home the corsets with me (long bra + waist nipper - minus girdle) and tried them on. The results are instant! And they're very comfy too, just like the first time I tried them on.  All these talking might seem nonsense, and like what they say, seeing is believing, so TADAAAA! Feast your eyes, people!

Notice the perky you-know-what and  guess what, no tummy!

                  BEFORE                                                AFTER
                                             Didn't know I could have a slender silhoutte! Weeee!



Btw, excuse my messy room and the erm, unopened-dari-plastic mirror. I just bought it last week from Ikea and have not found the time to nicely place it. 

Seeing IS believing right? There, I proved my point!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our 1st anniversary xoxo

Saturday the 26th November marked our 1st anniversary together. Frankly, if you ask me, I feel like time really did whiz by. 

Felt like it was just yesterday (cliché line, yes I know) that we went out for our first date in Curve, me wearing my blue 3/4 Uniqlo top and he with his favourite white t-shirt. It was kind of awkward because we have never gone out as a couple before this. And get this, we actually went out on 01.01.01! (See my 1-liner on the date ;)  ) I remember that we spent the day watching 2 movies - The Tourist (with the ever-sexy Jolie) and Gulliver's Travel. It was definitely a beautiful day despite me just coming back to KL after a 4-hour flight from Hong Kong the day before. Blissful!

So, for the past weeks, I did a little bit of my own research on where to have a quiet dinner to celebrate, and had came out with 2 choices : Ovo Bistro or Ecoba. Both are within 5-10 mins drive from my house. Ultimately, the Mister had chosen Ovo. I secretly think that he chose that because of all the Japanese  cuisines on the menu.  

The bar aka bistro, was empty when we entered the door, but no surprise as it was just a little after 7pm. The ambience was quite cosy, with bars lining up the sides (plus sports channel was aired the whole time), plenty of pool tables, plenty of dining tables (plus VIP rooms for extra privacy, if you know what I mean) and also, they have a little corner for live band. Unfortunately, the band wasn't playing that night, so we just have to make do with our dinner. 

A snapshot (or 2 :P) before food comes

That mango juice was superb!
That's my Mister, he's a really shy person, so you just get to see his arm this time okay?

Mister's dinner - Salmon Spaghetti

Mine - Rack of Lamb.. yummms!

My verdict?
A tad bit pricey for a so-so meal with a portion that could send Chef Ramsay to shame 
(Mister's meal was off, btw)
Honestly the website deserves more credit than the actual bistro itself. Oh well.

Next, we decided to catch a movie in e-Curve, but no good movies with a time that matches our preferences. So, guess what replaces the movie?


You see, Mister and I weren't satisfied with Ovo's dinner, what with the small portions and all, that we decided to get desserts

Place : Paddington House of Pancakes


Mister's Pancakes + Mango + Berries + Choc ice-cream

My caramelized banana  + vanilla ice-cream pancakes


A satisfied customer, FO 'SHO!

A night of good food + good company = LOVE!

Thanks for putting up with my many moods + weird requests + insanity
Thanks for making me forget my heart was ever broken :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011


A recent Facebook update of another friend. 

Kindly refer to my previous blog post  'So yeah, this raging hormonic self is a tad bit jealous!'  to see what I mean.



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kerawang2 gitu

After weeks of searching, I finally found the one :)

I had initially chosen another lacy attire, which by the way, was EXACTLY the one that I was looking for, but they only have that in size 46, which is a far too big for me I could practically drown in it. 

Now, this one fits perfectly.
Glad I made the choice to have lunch at Ayers that weekend. 
Can't wait for the big day :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's fall in love

When love is good it can make you fly 
Winning it is worth the risk
People fall in love and glow for weeks

Monday, November 7, 2011

So yeah, this raging hormonic self is a tad bit jealous!

This is a post about jealousy. Yes, jealousy, and right now I'm a tad bit jealous over some photo updates. 

It was about a photo showing a Macbook posted by one of my high school friends saying 'Thank You' to her husband for the Macbook.

I mean, who wouldn't be jealous over that, right? 

Sometimes it's a bit frustrating when you see other girls get things just like that, you know. You don't have to ask, you just get it. I know it's a sign of affection, but hey, does this mean you're sharing your happiness with the world? Or just plain showing it off TO the world?

I have another friend who just got hooked up with a guy. Not sure how long she's known this guy but for their 1 month anniversary, he gave her a bouquet of flowers. For their 2 months anniversary, he gave her a watch AND a purse AND a bouquet of flowers. Wahlau eh. Personally I think that is a bit too much. Or am I just being jealous? ;)

I know if I spill this to my closest friends, their advice will be something along the line of, "What are you worried about? You are an independent woman, you don't need to receive these things from a man.." Yada yada. I know that, it's just that sometimes it's nice to receive gifts from a man, don't you think so?


I guess I just need to learn more on how to count my blessings. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pieces of me

Just because I need to update something nice in my humble blog. Bits and pieces of my life :P

After curling rambut katenye.. but tak jadi sangat pun. Good try anyway, hek hek.

My workstation @ RBC. Oops, no client information ya.
See that cake? One of the best EVER! Bought from Petronas on the way to office. 

My omputih trainer, Mark Olden, on his last day in KL
The other 2 are a part of my team mates
The one at the printer is THE BIG BOSS

Showing off my Hermes bag. Sangattttt sayang this bag. 
Ala2 bag-camwhoring gitu. 

The sunset view from my balcony. Indah right?

No one's swimming yet

Storm is coming!

Okay, this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the greatest food creation of all time.
It's called Sagon, or sagun, made out of sugar and coconut grates. Perfect to be eaten with a banana.
Please take cue from yours truly yah. Yummy! 

My nasi goreng + omelette quick lunch before work 

Will be updating my blog with more photos soon, I hope :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Biatch

I just had to lash this out. 

'Cos I'm so pissed off. 

Yesterday I've plotted an annual leave end of this month for my girlfriend's hen's party. The leave was approved and we were going to Hard Rock Penang to rock it out. 

Later in the day, a colleague came lashing out at me asking if I've taken leave during Deepavali. I said yeah, for my girlfriend's pre-wedding celebration and I seriously didn't know it was Deepavali time. Serious, tak tipu. So she answered back saying, "What if I take Raya leave because it was my friend's wedding. Would you want that?"

I was taken aback. Well, because, first of all, if you were to negotiate an annual leave with me, would you use those words? She is such a bitch. It didn't help that I, in the first place, do NOT, like her because of some work issues. Now u've stepped on my tail, u're gonna see the real deal. 

The manager called the two of us up to her place to discuss on this, with the conclusion being I'll get back to my friend to negotiate another date for the hen's party. 

I was already in a bad mood by then. 

More work started to come in later on, and for the day, it was assigned to that bitch. Seeing that she was taking her sweet time doing the work and it was already close to end of day, I grew furious. 

By then, Mr Boss was already asking who'll be doing this and that and end of day checks. You see, I'm the type who wants things done fast for high volume related tasks, so I ordered the bitch to finish up her work and get another male colleague to check them for her. I was to do the end of day check. 

There there. Done.

Another reason I was so pissed off is because all these while, the bitch was not doing her work because apparently the Boss is quite close with her and she thought that she could get away with that. So now that it was her turn to do the work and the Boss was occupied with his own work, she went haywire (no backup mah). I hate people like that. 

What goes around comes around. Never forget.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In search for Rainbow Cake in TTDI Param

After reading BITE ME!'s recent update for Ramadhan goodies last week, in which they will be selling their infamous 'Rainbow Cake' in the Ramadhan bazaar, I got hyped and immediately started planning to make a visit to TTDI's Ramadhan bazaar today! 

I've no idea how to get to TTDI, so the last thing on my mind last night before going to bed was to search for it in GoogleMap the next morning.

Yeap, that's the first thing I did once I've logged on the net this morning. Here goes: 

Pasar Ramadhan TTDI
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1 & 2 
TTDI Damansara


Or for a magnified point of view, here you go: 

courtesy of KampungBoyCityGal site

A few days after reading the awesome news , I read somewhere in Twitter that there will also be a stall selling Laksa Sarawak at the same bazaar! Goodness! Things couldn't have been better!

So, I'm bringing my sayang and my bestie to the bazaar later on ^_^

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yeah people. 
Another interesting and funny hashtag! Since we're now in the holy month of Ramadhan, the appropriate hashtag would have to be ....

I've listed out my favourites ;) Hilarious!

Here goes..


 Faliq Fahmi