Monday, November 28, 2011

Our 1st anniversary xoxo

Saturday the 26th November marked our 1st anniversary together. Frankly, if you ask me, I feel like time really did whiz by. 

Felt like it was just yesterday (clich√© line, yes I know) that we went out for our first date in Curve, me wearing my blue 3/4 Uniqlo top and he with his favourite white t-shirt. It was kind of awkward because we have never gone out as a couple before this. And get this, we actually went out on 01.01.01! (See my 1-liner on the date ;)  ) I remember that we spent the day watching 2 movies - The Tourist (with the ever-sexy Jolie) and Gulliver's Travel. It was definitely a beautiful day despite me just coming back to KL after a 4-hour flight from Hong Kong the day before. Blissful!

So, for the past weeks, I did a little bit of my own research on where to have a quiet dinner to celebrate, and had came out with 2 choices : Ovo Bistro or Ecoba. Both are within 5-10 mins drive from my house. Ultimately, the Mister had chosen Ovo. I secretly think that he chose that because of all the Japanese  cuisines on the menu.  

The bar aka bistro, was empty when we entered the door, but no surprise as it was just a little after 7pm. The ambience was quite cosy, with bars lining up the sides (plus sports channel was aired the whole time), plenty of pool tables, plenty of dining tables (plus VIP rooms for extra privacy, if you know what I mean) and also, they have a little corner for live band. Unfortunately, the band wasn't playing that night, so we just have to make do with our dinner. 

A snapshot (or 2 :P) before food comes

That mango juice was superb!
That's my Mister, he's a really shy person, so you just get to see his arm this time okay?

Mister's dinner - Salmon Spaghetti

Mine - Rack of Lamb.. yummms!

My verdict?
A tad bit pricey for a so-so meal with a portion that could send Chef Ramsay to shame 
(Mister's meal was off, btw)
Honestly the website deserves more credit than the actual bistro itself. Oh well.

Next, we decided to catch a movie in e-Curve, but no good movies with a time that matches our preferences. So, guess what replaces the movie?


You see, Mister and I weren't satisfied with Ovo's dinner, what with the small portions and all, that we decided to get desserts

Place : Paddington House of Pancakes


Mister's Pancakes + Mango + Berries + Choc ice-cream

My caramelized banana  + vanilla ice-cream pancakes


A satisfied customer, FO 'SHO!

A night of good food + good company = LOVE!

Thanks for putting up with my many moods + weird requests + insanity
Thanks for making me forget my heart was ever broken :D

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