Monday, November 7, 2011

So yeah, this raging hormonic self is a tad bit jealous!

This is a post about jealousy. Yes, jealousy, and right now I'm a tad bit jealous over some photo updates. 

It was about a photo showing a Macbook posted by one of my high school friends saying 'Thank You' to her husband for the Macbook.

I mean, who wouldn't be jealous over that, right? 

Sometimes it's a bit frustrating when you see other girls get things just like that, you know. You don't have to ask, you just get it. I know it's a sign of affection, but hey, does this mean you're sharing your happiness with the world? Or just plain showing it off TO the world?

I have another friend who just got hooked up with a guy. Not sure how long she's known this guy but for their 1 month anniversary, he gave her a bouquet of flowers. For their 2 months anniversary, he gave her a watch AND a purse AND a bouquet of flowers. Wahlau eh. Personally I think that is a bit too much. Or am I just being jealous? ;)

I know if I spill this to my closest friends, their advice will be something along the line of, "What are you worried about? You are an independent woman, you don't need to receive these things from a man.." Yada yada. I know that, it's just that sometimes it's nice to receive gifts from a man, don't you think so?


I guess I just need to learn more on how to count my blessings. 

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