Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not easy to find a guy worth your time

Now I remember why all of these seem too familiar and why I felt a little deja vu.

'Cos this has happened before.

I've been there, healing a perished, broken heart. 
Became a shoulder to cry on, became his clown.
Drove the other side of town to deliver his gift. Lent him some cash.
Made sure his days of her are gone. 

Then he asked for us to be more than friends. And it was silly of me to think that being his best friend before this made it easier.

It became disaster.

During the last few months before we split up, the phone calls are rare (it was a LDR, btw). And the last few weeks I tried calling him for God-knows-how-many-times, his phone will be ringing with no answer. Alas, his friend picked up the phone telling me that he's gone for some mission in the Southern Thailand. He was in the police force.

Yeap, that was how it ended. Thinking back, I thought it all looked stupid and that the signs were too obvious, I guess I just refused to believe.

How he kept on talking about his ex-girlfriend, how whenever we were having a walk anywhere, he would constantly point out another girl and say, 'She was that tall.' or 'She was as thin as that girl.' 

How could I not see all that.

This was years ago and I'm glad I've moved on.
And guess what, he has also moved on,  back to his ex-girlfriend.

Honestly it is not easy to find a guy who's worth your time. 
In my case, this used to be my very own  best friend.

Oh, sometimes I feel like just want to migrate to some foreign country, have some cool sea breeze at the beach whenever I want it while flipping through some chic magazine, knowing that I have my jewellery business in good hands. Probably bring my parents there and let them have their honeymoon. Dreams.