Friday, November 23, 2012

mash it

Should I tell Mister that I'm craving for Chilli's mashed potato?

My pay day seems like a gazillion years away and I bet he will have his paycheck by end of the week, i.e tomorrow. 

That should serve as a good reason for a good weekend. 


Monday, November 19, 2012

weekend story

One thing that I love about weekends is that I get to spend time with one of my favorite people - My mister!

He's not bad la, honestly :P

He loves to watch movies, loves to eat, loves to lepak at Starbucks, loves to talk nonsense and be goofy. Everything that I love to do. I guess I'm quite lucky in the sense that I have a partner who shares the same things that I love. Okay, some of you might be rolling your eyes already but I used to have a partner who is the total opposite of me.  No shopping (window-shopping at 2 outlets is considered enough for the day), no fine-dining (if it is, it's always on me), no bags/shoes purchase (except if I buys them for him), yada-yada. You know the drill. 

So when I met this guy, I am so thankful :)

Anyways, that weekend I ajak him to go for lunch at Isetan's food gallery. Been passing by a few times already and the array of food outlets they have looks interesting. 

Turns out, most of the food outlets are Japanese and I'm not too sure they are even halal or not. So me and Mister settled for Puran B (Japanese version of Plan B).

The one in the middle which looks like a vinegar bottle is actually warm water, how creative!
You should've seen the lightbulbs they have. Mister has taken a photo, I haven't because I was already munching my way through my food.

Spot the lightbulb

Puran B

Iklan baju sekejap
I was wearing F&F's denim top and H&M's spaghetti top

My beef bolognese which is so heavenly

Mister's Ayam Percik which I highly recommend

After lunch, we walked all over Isetan and 1 Utama's old wing in search for Mister's perfect pair of jeans and work pants (which is actually the purpose for this weekend outing) and found them in Giordano's. To kill time while waiting for them to alter the pant's length,  Mister and I walked into Starbucks's newly-opened Signature concept outlet and hung out there .

I had Toffee Nut Latte and he had his usual black coffee. We shared a marble cheese cake which he had been wanting to have for ages. This outlet was perfect for a somber day when you feel like you wanna be alone. It's so cozy and spacious. I shall make more trips here soon. 

So what's your weekend story?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


When I was younger, I was the closer one to Papa. I'd ask him all kinds of questions, from intellectual ones to the dummy ones (like why do we fart, Pa?). I'd ask him for study tips, people management tips, why this and that and sometimes I'd also ask him if we could ever have finer things in life. He will always say 'Yes, if we work towards it, God willing', and will always have the time to answer my never-ending questions.

When my family came over in June this year, we were talking about properties and businesses and being the sibuk one in the family, I suggested a family business proposal to Papa, in which, again he said, 'Yes, we can do it, insyallah. "

Well, my point is that, Papa never gives up, even at his toughest time like now. Sure, he used to be in a position where he was able to do whatever he wanted, which could easily be the reason not to give up. But over some 10 years, I've seen him at his strongest point and also his weakest point. I guess that is why I have never blamed him for what we had to go through now. Papa is a quiet man, the kind who will only speak when it is necessary, even to us kids sometimes. But when you get him talking about the things that he loves, boy, he just can't stop. Even now.

That is my Papa from my point of view, the kakak who had seen it all, most of the unspoken words anyway.

Yes, Papa stands through thick and thin, providing his very best to us. He never gives up. Have you seen him cry? Have you heard him complain? Have you heard him blame anything or anyone at all? No, none at all. Which is why we should be giving him support and encouragement in whatever he plans to do.

So to blame Papa for any misfortunes, should be the last thing anyone should do. Anyone.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

vanity strikes back

Wearing Swedish and British for Skyfall yesterday. 
Except for my bracelet and necklace, both from Singapore. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Families will never let you down. Whether you are wrong or right.

You see, sometimes being a first child is a tiring process. We tend to have that feeling of wanting to carry responsibilities so much, that at times, we forget to prioritise our responsibilities to ourselves. This, first and foremost, includes understanding ourselves, and what we really want in all aspects of life. Because of this, we can't help but to think first of others's needs, be it our parents, siblings, friends, colleagues etc, you know the drill. 

Yes, it is a good thing to put others's needs first than your own (or so they say) but in the long run, it begins to take its toll on yourself and your life's goals and long before you knew it, truth hits you in the face, and lo and behold, you will then realise that some of these people are actually using you to achieve their goal, not really caring much on how that affects you.  

And just like that, life whizzes by, and you are left on your own, mending your own shit. 

Not that I am complaining, let's just say I am pretty much used to doing things on my own, anyway, and sometimes to the extent that I do not, at all, want help from anybody, just because I don't want them to go out of their way doing things for me, which, I am not so sure if that is a good thing, or a bad thing. 

But honestly, sometimes people like me (I know there ARE others who share this same mindset), they want to have people who would willingly extend their help WITHOUT being judged, or being cornered into returning the favour whatsoever. I mean, I would love to have people organise parties/lunch/dinners/getaways for me, or have people drive me around, or plan a surprise for me, and all these WITHOUT any hidden agenda. I would love to have all these because like I said, it is tiring to always be the one in charge. 

First child syndrome, they call it. The one who has to have a brave front, no matter how bad the situation is. Of course, because you need to be the stronger one among all the rest of your siblings. You are the role model after your parents and no matter how deep is their shit, you need to be the most grounded. 

Having said this, when things fail, you feel an urge to take up the responsibility as the one who has caused the failure, and this is really bad because it can affect your self-esteem. I, for one, sometimes regret that I wasn't always there with my family to see them grow up and grow old. Honestly. Sometimes I think that if I were there, things would've turned out differently, if not better. 

This probably means that God has set up this path for me and I might just find my way out eventually, but until then, I just need to keep being positive, I guess. I love my family and my friends too much to be abandoning them just to cater to my desires. I know of some families who do that and I seriously thank Allah  that I still have my family to return to when life hits rock-bottom. Friends come and go, but family, they will be there for life, even when you are wrong. 

Totally agree.