Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of sunset, food and heaps of fun

It was a fun-filled weekend :D 

First, a starter to the weekend, 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' (a must watch!)

Friday's movie crowd eh?

After long weeks of anticipating the moment where we would actually GO to the infamous Jalan TAR pasar malam, we finally (yes, we did) had the chance to grab fruitful of goodness, u just name it (except that I did not get the apam balik I was craving for). 

Oh, I had to post these as well. These are the view I had on the way to the pasar malam. I took off at about 7pm.
  Told ya I love skies.

Sunday was spent with friends and families of CTMA (Citigroup Malaysia) where they had their family day. I've gotten dark again :( 

 Cheesy face. Beautiful butterfly.

 Treasure hunt

My fav non-active sporting activity. Woot!
The kid's telematch. Sporting kids I must say :)

A briefing (sorta) for the kids before the game starts

Also, adults joining in :P Lookin' good there *lol*

Tug of war

A pretty sweet way to end a fab Sunday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.

which is why I am       

                                               keeping my distance away from you. 


Loving my life

A good few weeks of events starting with one of my babe's birthday (that's you, NAS!), reunion, makan2 outing, soul-searching, good laughs and good times.

Let me start with .. 

the birthday girl XOXO love u lots mwah2!

Next up are of course the fabulous food, *slurps*

 classic pancake with ice-cream  
house of pancakes

 peach waffles (sangat mengiurkan i know)
house of pancakes

beef bacon burger (yummeh)
tony roma's

buns and pastries
the loaf

 my cuppa hot chocolate
the loaf

 spicy spaghetti oglio

Okay, enough on food. Reunions and stuffs.

  2 of my best chickas, Azida and Lene

I love this pic because of the joy and the ambience :))

Bought another book. Reluctant lovers, yes I am one. I think :P
On a not-so-nice note, last week my windscreen got hit by a stone and it left a crack right in the middle of the whole screen! It was on my way to work and damned, was I pissed off. There goes a portion of my savings! (which I had intended to use for family outing next month). So okay, some things you just can't predict right. So there goes.Had the windscreen replaced today anyhoo.

Alright, updates for the past weeks. I am right now loving my life. Are you?