Friday, January 25, 2013

cinnamon rolls

You know I LOVE food. 

And my family loves eating too. 

When I was having my convocation in Penang (food galore, yes you know it) years ago, my family came for my graduation. We went around Penang for sight-seeing, window-shopping and of course, makan-makan.  At the time, my then boyfriend joined us for the whole trip. 

Funny thing is, at one time, he pointed out. 
" So weird, you and your family seems to be eating every hour"


Well, of course!
I've been in Penang for 5 years and I shall introduce them to the yummy food I've 'encountered' in Penang!

So here's one of the food that all of us love. 

Original cinnamon roll from CINNABON!

Tender and soft rolls, perfect icing and cinnamon combination. They are absolutely to die for.

Thing is, they are not available in Kuching, where my parents are living. So over the years, every time they visit me in KL, this is the one thing that they will not miss buying. Including during the recent trip last December. That was the first thing my dad asked me when we reached 1 Utama which is also the first day they arrived here.
Na, where's the cinnamon stall?
While I was queuing up to buy Rotiboy (food again), my dad had gone to Cinnabon by himself to get some rolls. Talk about enthusiasm. Hehehe. And get this, on the last day they were here, they even tapau-ed some Cinnabons to bring back home :P

And where do you think my love for food came from?

Friday, January 18, 2013

just because

Was blog-hopping when I found an excerpt so touching, I decided to place a memorial of it in my blog. 

Well here goes.  


Also pointing out the fact that this comes from an only daughter in the family. 

I feel you, babe. 

Credits : Raihana

Saturday, January 12, 2013

one small step for a man

I just got off the phone with Mister. We haven't seen each other in nearly a month. I was busy starting before Christmas (due to my cousin's wedding) until now (due to this continuous flu and throat infection). I've officially busted my previous years's MC records. I have been on 3 MCs since 2013 and it hasn't even hit the middle of January yet. Sobs.

So what have I been up to? Let's throw in some photos, shall we?

My cousin, Adzlan and his newly-wedded wife, Mariam, after the nikah ceremony
Congratulations Bang Lan! 

Let's have some photos from the reception. 

And some of myself :P


Aunties and cousins from our side of the family

My loved ones (on the left is my cousin, Afdzal)

I was eye-ing on the cake!

It was a grand, grand wedding! And I am happy to be part of this amazing journey. 

Congratulations again, lovebirds ;)