Wednesday, June 27, 2012

brand new day

Tomorrow will be a new chapter in my life.

1) Sports shoes

(ehem.. in my favourite colour)

2) Comfy t-shirts and tracksuits/pants

My very first time trial enrolment with Fitness First!

Super excited really, I don't care how many of you are rolling your eyes right now.
Never been to a proper gym before. Seriously!
The ones I've gone to are those outdoor gyms at my university, the sports centre near where I work and my condo's gym.

Can you imagine my excitement?

Friday, June 22, 2012


The day when I had to de-clutter years of rubbish, old handbags which have torn apart, at the same time discovering bags that I bought but have not ever used and collecting dusts.

The day before my parents came.

Have set up my own workstation a.k.a The Office as I call it, a little corner to gather inspiration :P

Thursday, June 21, 2012

my hormonal self

I'm drenched in a whirlpool of emotions now, not quite sure why. Sad and empty. I hate this feeling. I don't even have any idea what to write right now. Going with the flow of my fingers, I guess.

I had a meeting with my manager just now and I can conclude that I have no passion for my work any more. I didn't exactly use 'no passion', I just told her that I'm feeling less motivated to go to work nowadays. Probably not such a bright thing to say to your boss especially since all kinds of reviews are coming up in months time. I guess I just wanted to be honest and was having those go-to-hell-with-what's-boss-gonna-say kind of moments and so, I said it. Of course, I had to properly susun the ayat and stuffs. 

Yeah, no mood to go to work! And I'm feeling down right now, probably because there's nothing exciting happening in my life right now, I don't know!

What should I do? Is this a phase???

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

when the family came to visit

My family's here in KL with me for the school holidays. Their flight on Monday the 4th, landed at 1.30 am and we reached my home at about 3++ am. Boy, were we exhausted. Everyone slept at nearly 5am and woke up extremely late the next day (including my mum, who usually wakes up super early to do house errands).

Well, that is not really my point. 

My point is, I keep minimal things in my fridge and cupboards. Only the things that I'm gonna eat or been waiting to eat for so long (i.e, green beans, eggs, cheese, spices for soups, tom yam and such, barley) and my fridge and cupboards are actually almost empty. 

When my family came, they were instantly filled up with food and MORE FOOD! Be it raw - leaves of all kinds (my mum wants to cook Sarawakian dishes at my home), turmeric, chillies, lime and ready to be eaten food such as biscuits that can only be found in Kuching (including my favourite roti manok), fine mee to make mee kolok (one of Sarawak's famous dishes), and of course, the ever famous, layered cake, or kek lapis as it's famously known as. 

I present to you the after effects!

Life at its best!

Tu belum tambah gambar masakan Mak I sepanjang stay kat sini lagi, nak nanges!
Told Mak I'll need to import her sometime soon to wo-man the house, food-wise! :P
Photos of food will be done in another entry.