Friday, April 22, 2011

A slice of heaven!

I see that my posts nowadays are full of crappy stuffs = negative, which is soo not me. 

So what I'm gonna do is post something which makes me happy, and speaking of things which make me happy, what tops it all up is of course, FOOD! So here goes some of the places that I went 'makan-makan' at these few weeks ;)

First off, Breeks Cafe, Seoul Garden, 1Utama, Damansara

Our first platter of grilled meat. Yum! My first Seoul Garden experience, by the way.
They were never out of any food choice, you can choose from a variety of broth too. 
We chose tomyam and it was one of the best broth I've tasted :)

Next, Marche', The Curve, Damansara
Its concept is ala buffet style, where you get to order your desired meal at different counters which is built ala market stalls
Marche', after all is translated to 'marketplace' in French ;)

This mixed grilled is a total disappointment despite the pretty inviting aroma.
For over RM25++, I would strongly suggest you eat over at TGIF instead.

Mushroom and chicken tortilla wrap
Yummy on the first few bites, you might just want to have a slice only.

 Nando's, Ikano Power Centre 
This is a slice of heaven! Ooh lalaa.. 
It's caramel cheesecake and one of the many new desserts that Nando's has for their new desserts menu. 

Should definitely be in your must-try-dessert list!

My usual quarter chicken thigh with Peri chips and potato salad
Heaven indeed!

Makan Kitchen
Doubletree by Hilton, KL 

We went for high-tea on a Saturday and it was value for money! Kaching!
Reason being, it was just RM40++ for a person to grab whatever their stomach desire from a whole floor of an array of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Krustang and Ibanese food. 
Tempting right? You ought to be!
Unfortunately I was lazy to capture some pictures of the food at the time, I'll do it if I had the chance the next time

Ending to a tiring day
My youngest brother's girlfriend and yours truly :)))

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel like crap, seriously. 

It's like living a dreadful nightmare, and I really hate this feeling of having no life, no motivation to do work.

I used to love work because of the people and the spirit. We used to work til late and I seriously did not mind if my OTs were uncorrectly counted for. But lately I dread my daily routine, waking up early to face the things that I hate.

Ya, I hate the working environment now, where people are no longer working for the sake of the job itself. It's now all for the name and fame and all the bullshit. No wonder people are leaving. It's sad.

And I hate feeling lost. It's like.. hitting a tennis ball to the opponent, expecting for it to be served back, but instead you never get it back. Lost, somewhere in the court. 

It's something like, 
"Hey, aren't you supposed to throw it back to me?" 
"Whaaat.. I thought it's your serve"
"It's not, it's yours"
"No way"

I mean like, seriously? Two players need to be on the same page, if you know what I mean, to deliver an exciting match.

Or, for the sake of an example, like knocking on the door asking, "Is anybody there?", hopefully waiting for an answer like, "Yes, I'm right here".  

Instead of answering, 
"Just a minute, I'm not done with the laundry.. etc" 
"Hold on, I'll be out with you in a sec. I've still got some...."
Yada yada.


Of course, these are all metaphorically-speaking. If you knew me well. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank God this crappy week is overrrr

The past 2 weeks had been a slap in the face and boy, was I glad they went over quickly. 

Let me just jot them down :

  • 2 dependable colleagues handed in their resignation letter
  • both the above are involved in my project
  • another colleague got demotivated, worked less and also withdrew from my project
  • which left ME to fill in for the 3 people above 
  • argued with brother
  • argued with the Mister
  • had some low self-esteem moment
  • received news that there's gonna be a helluva management switch
  • ... which will contribute to more staff depression, i can feel *sigh
However, despite all of the above, I have them all settled and have also resorted to channel them into a positive energy. Sooo... what I've done after Friday was over was:
  • Chow from workplace at exactly 6pm on Friday. I hardly do that, but what the heck now.
  • Had a big platter of seafood at the Manhattan's with the Mister.Nyum!
  • Watched a GREAT movie - "RIO" - definitely a MUST-SEE
  • Had an AMAZING photoshoot session with my best girlfriends! I love them to bits. Can't wait to see the output in 2 weeks time. And then had lunch and great conversation afterwards. Well, someone's getting hitched this year, awesome!
  • Had a moment of adventure - discovery of the shortcut from Equine to Bukit Jalil (something I should've known for ages, but anyways)
  • Massage! Yay! @ Thai Odyssey, Puchong (the lady was awesome, if I was rich, I'd bring her home and pay her just to massage me everyday. Er, that's what you get when you don't have a husband ;)  )
  • Favourite food - Domino's Hot&Spicy chicken in the evening
  • relaxation with tv and books
Thinking of having a haircut or a hair dye tomorrow. I'll see first :) Ciao!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let go

In life, there will always be things, or people, that make us cry, that betray us, that steal from us, that make us wanna kill ourselves at a certain point of time. But let go. Let go of the anger, the grudge, and any intention for revenge. Let go and see the bigger picture. An unhappy moment in life, is just another moment among other moments to come. Let go and move on.

And let go of the people who hurt you. They are toxic. It's nice to be nice, but it's wiser to be wise. I believe God taught us to be nice to people, but God never told us to please everyone we know. We have the right to do the right thing. And as the owner of our own life, we know what's right for us.

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