Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank God this crappy week is overrrr

The past 2 weeks had been a slap in the face and boy, was I glad they went over quickly. 

Let me just jot them down :

  • 2 dependable colleagues handed in their resignation letter
  • both the above are involved in my project
  • another colleague got demotivated, worked less and also withdrew from my project
  • which left ME to fill in for the 3 people above 
  • argued with brother
  • argued with the Mister
  • had some low self-esteem moment
  • received news that there's gonna be a helluva management switch
  • ... which will contribute to more staff depression, i can feel *sigh
However, despite all of the above, I have them all settled and have also resorted to channel them into a positive energy. Sooo... what I've done after Friday was over was:
  • Chow from workplace at exactly 6pm on Friday. I hardly do that, but what the heck now.
  • Had a big platter of seafood at the Manhattan's with the Mister.Nyum!
  • Watched a GREAT movie - "RIO" - definitely a MUST-SEE
  • Had an AMAZING photoshoot session with my best girlfriends! I love them to bits. Can't wait to see the output in 2 weeks time. And then had lunch and great conversation afterwards. Well, someone's getting hitched this year, awesome!
  • Had a moment of adventure - discovery of the shortcut from Equine to Bukit Jalil (something I should've known for ages, but anyways)
  • Massage! Yay! @ Thai Odyssey, Puchong (the lady was awesome, if I was rich, I'd bring her home and pay her just to massage me everyday. Er, that's what you get when you don't have a husband ;)  )
  • Favourite food - Domino's Hot&Spicy chicken in the evening
  • relaxation with tv and books
Thinking of having a haircut or a hair dye tomorrow. I'll see first :) Ciao!

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