Friday, April 22, 2011

A slice of heaven!

I see that my posts nowadays are full of crappy stuffs = negative, which is soo not me. 

So what I'm gonna do is post something which makes me happy, and speaking of things which make me happy, what tops it all up is of course, FOOD! So here goes some of the places that I went 'makan-makan' at these few weeks ;)

First off, Breeks Cafe, Seoul Garden, 1Utama, Damansara

Our first platter of grilled meat. Yum! My first Seoul Garden experience, by the way.
They were never out of any food choice, you can choose from a variety of broth too. 
We chose tomyam and it was one of the best broth I've tasted :)

Next, Marche', The Curve, Damansara
Its concept is ala buffet style, where you get to order your desired meal at different counters which is built ala market stalls
Marche', after all is translated to 'marketplace' in French ;)

This mixed grilled is a total disappointment despite the pretty inviting aroma.
For over RM25++, I would strongly suggest you eat over at TGIF instead.

Mushroom and chicken tortilla wrap
Yummy on the first few bites, you might just want to have a slice only.

 Nando's, Ikano Power Centre 
This is a slice of heaven! Ooh lalaa.. 
It's caramel cheesecake and one of the many new desserts that Nando's has for their new desserts menu. 

Should definitely be in your must-try-dessert list!

My usual quarter chicken thigh with Peri chips and potato salad
Heaven indeed!

Makan Kitchen
Doubletree by Hilton, KL 

We went for high-tea on a Saturday and it was value for money! Kaching!
Reason being, it was just RM40++ for a person to grab whatever their stomach desire from a whole floor of an array of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Krustang and Ibanese food. 
Tempting right? You ought to be!
Unfortunately I was lazy to capture some pictures of the food at the time, I'll do it if I had the chance the next time

Ending to a tiring day
My youngest brother's girlfriend and yours truly :)))

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