Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I feel like crap, seriously. 

It's like living a dreadful nightmare, and I really hate this feeling of having no life, no motivation to do work.

I used to love work because of the people and the spirit. We used to work til late and I seriously did not mind if my OTs were uncorrectly counted for. But lately I dread my daily routine, waking up early to face the things that I hate.

Ya, I hate the working environment now, where people are no longer working for the sake of the job itself. It's now all for the name and fame and all the bullshit. No wonder people are leaving. It's sad.

And I hate feeling lost. It's like.. hitting a tennis ball to the opponent, expecting for it to be served back, but instead you never get it back. Lost, somewhere in the court. 

It's something like, 
"Hey, aren't you supposed to throw it back to me?" 
"Whaaat.. I thought it's your serve"
"It's not, it's yours"
"No way"

I mean like, seriously? Two players need to be on the same page, if you know what I mean, to deliver an exciting match.

Or, for the sake of an example, like knocking on the door asking, "Is anybody there?", hopefully waiting for an answer like, "Yes, I'm right here".  

Instead of answering, 
"Just a minute, I'm not done with the laundry.. etc" 
"Hold on, I'll be out with you in a sec. I've still got some...."
Yada yada.


Of course, these are all metaphorically-speaking. If you knew me well. 

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