Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First time with Premium Beautiful Corset.. am no longer a corset virgin!

Earlier in the day, I had an appointment with Sherliza and her mentor, Mai for Premium Beautiful (PB) corset discussion and advice session (sounds so gempak, haha). It's just to show me how the business starts and flows to have further understanding on what this Hai-O business is all about. 

Strictly speaking, I have NEVER trusted any direct/sales marketing business before, let alone joining in. However, til 2 weeks ago, I've gone from a 100% sceptic to 50% sceptic. Eheh, well Rome wasn't built in a day, you know!

Basically, you can use PB for self-use (ie to use on your own for beauty and health purpose) OR you can use PB as a business platform (and get back your total cost  in 1 month! plus, your income of RM4500 and rebate money). 

Since I'm a business virgin, I've decided to just buy 1 corset for my own usage first and maybe start the business later. After the discussion with Mai earlier, the business plan sounds easy, you just need to be hardworking as this is about how badly you want the return to be like. In short, if you wanna have a 10k income, then get your ass of the couch and look for your 10k business. Even Mai, who currently has a monthly income of MYR60K, is  still dedicated to looking for clients and making time for her business partners. 

Anyhoo, back to the PB corset story, last 2 weeks, I've had my first PB corset fitting with Sherliza and honestly, the corset was comfortable, no rolling up on the edges, no uncomfy feeling yada2. It's just that I didn't get to try on the girdle because the size that Sherliza has at that time is not my size (I've got a BIG bottom :D) and sadly to say, the girdle with my size is currently no longer in stock. But she will get to me the day after tomorrow to allow some time for her to get back to the stockist (hujung bulan biasa lah).

Just now I brought home the corsets with me (long bra + waist nipper - minus girdle) and tried them on. The results are instant! And they're very comfy too, just like the first time I tried them on.  All these talking might seem nonsense, and like what they say, seeing is believing, so TADAAAA! Feast your eyes, people!

Notice the perky you-know-what and  guess what, no tummy!

                  BEFORE                                                AFTER
                                             Didn't know I could have a slender silhoutte! Weeee!



Btw, excuse my messy room and the erm, unopened-dari-plastic mirror. I just bought it last week from Ikea and have not found the time to nicely place it. 

Seeing IS believing right? There, I proved my point!

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