Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Biatch

I just had to lash this out. 

'Cos I'm so pissed off. 

Yesterday I've plotted an annual leave end of this month for my girlfriend's hen's party. The leave was approved and we were going to Hard Rock Penang to rock it out. 

Later in the day, a colleague came lashing out at me asking if I've taken leave during Deepavali. I said yeah, for my girlfriend's pre-wedding celebration and I seriously didn't know it was Deepavali time. Serious, tak tipu. So she answered back saying, "What if I take Raya leave because it was my friend's wedding. Would you want that?"

I was taken aback. Well, because, first of all, if you were to negotiate an annual leave with me, would you use those words? She is such a bitch. It didn't help that I, in the first place, do NOT, like her because of some work issues. Now u've stepped on my tail, u're gonna see the real deal. 

The manager called the two of us up to her place to discuss on this, with the conclusion being I'll get back to my friend to negotiate another date for the hen's party. 

I was already in a bad mood by then. 

More work started to come in later on, and for the day, it was assigned to that bitch. Seeing that she was taking her sweet time doing the work and it was already close to end of day, I grew furious. 

By then, Mr Boss was already asking who'll be doing this and that and end of day checks. You see, I'm the type who wants things done fast for high volume related tasks, so I ordered the bitch to finish up her work and get another male colleague to check them for her. I was to do the end of day check. 

There there. Done.

Another reason I was so pissed off is because all these while, the bitch was not doing her work because apparently the Boss is quite close with her and she thought that she could get away with that. So now that it was her turn to do the work and the Boss was occupied with his own work, she went haywire (no backup mah). I hate people like that. 

What goes around comes around. Never forget.

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