Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pieces of me

Just because I need to update something nice in my humble blog. Bits and pieces of my life :P

After curling rambut katenye.. but tak jadi sangat pun. Good try anyway, hek hek.

My workstation @ RBC. Oops, no client information ya.
See that cake? One of the best EVER! Bought from Petronas on the way to office. 

My omputih trainer, Mark Olden, on his last day in KL
The other 2 are a part of my team mates
The one at the printer is THE BIG BOSS

Showing off my Hermes bag. Sangattttt sayang this bag. 
Ala2 bag-camwhoring gitu. 

The sunset view from my balcony. Indah right?

No one's swimming yet

Storm is coming!

Okay, this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the greatest food creation of all time.
It's called Sagon, or sagun, made out of sugar and coconut grates. Perfect to be eaten with a banana.
Please take cue from yours truly yah. Yummy! 

My nasi goreng + omelette quick lunch before work 

Will be updating my blog with more photos soon, I hope :)

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