Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Farewell B!

I've finally blocked the B from my FB account. 

The first time I've EVER removed AND blocked anyone on my FB.

But she's just too much this time. 

Last Friday she made a scene AGAIN.

She had recently finished a macro-based process improvement idea, so she sent an email together with the macro and procedures attached to the rest of us team, plus our supervisor.

Having tested the very same macro before this, I tested again the macro that she attached to see if there are any changes to the testing macro. No changes, except that when I ran the macro, it failed because of a wrong location of a file in the macro. For the previous testing macro, I detected the error and fixed the bug in the macro script and even tested along with a few others. So for this finalised one, the same bug appeared and of course, I pointed out to her that the location for the file in the macro script and the procedures is wrong. Otherwise, the macro wouldn't be able to generate the correct output. Come on, I was a computer science student okay?
And I guess, she was taken aback. The funny thing was that she immediately answered, "That procedure was sent by the Senior Manager to me."

So basically she's saying that all these things are NOT her work! (when all this while she prides herself in saying she did the macro and the procedures) BLAH! SO LAME!

I suggested that she changed the macro script and procedures to reflect the correct location of the file (it was on an A drive instead of Z drive). Senang jer, just change Z to A lah kan? 

So then she started asking why is mine mapped to A? I answered, everyone's mapped to A, why is yours mapped to Z? 

She then asked the Supervisor, does she need to change the drive. Supervisor pun satu. He answered, "Well, it depends on which drive you've mapped it to." So atas pagar punye jawapan. 

My next-door cubicle partner then pointed out that when we first started the process, the Manager herself has specifically instructed us to map everything to A drive. 

I was so furious by then, that I quickly searched my entire Outlook for the said instruction via email. And there it was, clearly stating (or instructing rather) that everyone should map to A drive. Felt like forwarding the mail to both my Supervisor and the bitch. 

But I decided against it. 

I mean, seriously, what's so hard about changing a drive name in your macro script? It's not like I'm asking you to change the entire macro for God's sake! I even had a feeling that she didn't even do the script, that was  why she was so flabbergasted when I asked her to change her goddamned script!

And the great thing was that, that whole drama spoiled my ENTIRE Christmas weekend! ENTIRE!

I had no mood on Saturday, I lashed out a lot on my boyfriend (pity him :'( thank God he's very sabar) and after much pujuk, I finally got my mood back on Sunday. Love you, sayang!

So, farewell B!


Just for the record, last Friday the Senior Manager came to us personally and made sure everyone's drive was mapped to A!


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