Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year-end food feast!

Okay peeps, more on FOOD! :P

Hehe.. as I said, we can't live without them can we?

Anyhoo, last Friday, my office had its yearly end-of-year food feast, sponsored by the company. So what we had was Japanese sushis and California rolls, Kenny Rogers chicken, Snowflake ice-creams, homemade hotdogs, Chatime bubble teas etc. Here's some shots for yah..

Salmon, tuna and egg sushis

What I took, nyums...

Chatime rock BIG TIME!

Yep, the whole truckload's here!

California rolls in the making

my Kenny Rogers chicken thigh with original sauce

There were lots of leftovers that night as well, so some of us had second, third and even fourth servings as well!

Hopefully next year we'll have more vendors coming in ;)

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