Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leave me alone

I hate it so much when I wake up on a weekend morning feeling great, with all these exciting plans up in my head and THEN whammmm, I get sad and depressing phone calls or people calling me going on and on about their problems and expecting me to solve them. I mean, get a life. I gave you my opinion, suggestions but you don't even consider them, so stop calling me. 

So okay yeah, maybe I'm selfish or whatsoever but I need some me time as well alrite? And when I get these calls, they tend to influence my mood for the day and I goddamned hate it. HATE IT!

Like this morning, when my EX called me, taking me down memorylane and stuffs like that. Come on, you have your own life and now I have mine. Stop blabbing about the past because I've moved on, you made me. And when you started telling me about your new life, I was alone in some freaking country with no one to hold on to. Talk about being selfish. But I have moved on, and so should you.   

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so nice. But the thing is, I cannot be bad to others because that is not who I am and I also believe in karma. This too, actually is a setback for me because some tend to take this opportunity to hurt me. Geram! Can you dodos leave me alone? 

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