Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Monday EVER!

Hey hey

*humming to the sound of 'September' by Sisqo*

First of all, why do men say that they are gonna call when in fact they never do and will never do? Just random thoughts, 'cos suddenly thought of an ex *lol* A disastrous relationship, if you ask me. Lost a best buddy.

ANYways, that was just an intro. Keh keh.

I had a rather packed weekend, looking for Norish's wedding present + strolling around J**co and get overwhelmed by the many nice bedsheets on sale. I bought one myself.

very simple but i like it :)
quite a contrast to what i had in mind before - sexy red/fuchia spread to make me feel all sexay going to sleep :P

Planned to go spa that weekend as well, but the rooms are all booked for the rest of the afternoon. Oh well! We set up another date. Will be updating more then.

Next point, I think today is the best Monday ever! 'Cos I went back from work at 6 sharp. Woot! Not too many work today (bet tomorrow the number is gonna be triple). So what I did when I reached home was rendam the bihun, sliced some hotdogs and made bihun goreng (yes yes I'm so proud of myself although I really think my niece could be doing the same thing every morning and not care a bit about it). I cleaned up my room, toilet and got all my laundry done. On a Monday! :D Weee! I hope for more Mondays like this :)

Ok, tata. Need to get beauty sleep on the new bedsheet!! Daaa..

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  1. I love ur room! iz cozy! no wander u love staying at home:)