Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newbie at spaghetti (-cooking)

Made my very first spaghetti on Sunday (bangga giler) . Yummy! Of course, with Zida's BIG help :D  We couldn't finished the whole thing and just now I had them served for dinner. Not bad for a first-timer. Tapi saya lupa nak amik gambar time baru abis masak. So what I had was this.

Hahaa.. Ok ok will post the freshly-prepared one the next time I make one k (tunggu lagi 5 bulan :P ) 

Next is gambar yang saya ambik kat ofis. Cos that time I and Sumi pakai baju ala2 sedondon. Huargh!

Matching kan? Serupa tapi tak sama.Huahaha.


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