Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shopping malls are heaven on earth

Yes, shopping malls are heaven on earth because when you're inside them, you feel as though you're floating, everything is perfect and you've got people to serve you. Weeee..  

Ole2 dari Subang Parade. The blue dress is my HSS dinner dress

So my main purpose of my activity today is to scour for dinner dress, but ended up with more *erk!*  The salesperson (her name is Mastura) is really good okay? Should give chances :P No, seriously she's good, with opinions, patience, suggestions, dress sense. One of the best shopping experience I had my entire life (betul tak tipu). Same goes to that one time when I went to just go sofa-surveying at a nearby furniture place and ended up buying the sofa. The salesperson was good and it was easy dealing with him. Plus he made sure the sofa did arrive on time and no issues with the pre and post delivery. I like. (got compliments from the tetamu-tetamu who singgah berehat at our house. yippee!). 

So main point here is probably just to say that sometimes we cannot just say no-no to anything, for example, a salesperson (cos usually most of us would do that right?). Give them chances to talk and present whatever they have. Same goes to the rest of us. Sometimes we do need to give chances to other people to see what they have to offer. If you don't give them chances, we will never know. At my workplace, we do have people who are full of potential but because most people will not give them chances, they are not able to shine and show what they are capable of. Give it a thought. I'm too, am sure you will not be where you are today if not for chances which was given to you a long time ago :)

 Oh ya, in my previous post I posted the bedsheet that I recently bought, but I forgot to post the photos of the food I ate at TGIF. Slurps!

Sizzling shrimps and chicken breast - 2 thumbs up!

Macaroni and cheese - Highly recommended!

I just love to shop and eat   
*dreams of X6, a beach house and a hunk*

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