Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekends are like sunshine

There were many 'firsts' for me that weekend.

I got to finally see Elle's newborn boy. A first step to Taman Melati. A first to Elle's apartment. A first to have eaten Elle's fresh-cooked food (sedap!). I spent the day taking in the little baby's cute face. He's so small and so fragile and so bulat. Geram! Playing with Ainuur, Elle's 4 year old daughter who is absolutely adorable. I bet Elle has fantastic time raising her.Honestly if I (ever) have a daughter, I want to have a beautiful bond with her (sisterly, motherly, best-friend-ly, you name it). I want to watch my children grow up in front of my very own eyes. Must be a great gift to be watching the many phases your child goes through (feeling it feeling it).

After visiting, I took the Putra back to Kelana Jaya and head back home. At the time it was around 5 pm and I was already feeling kind of exhausted. But I'm stubborn, you see, 'cos then I decided since I still had time to spare for the day, why not go explore the new IOI Boulevard in Puchong (another first!). 

Recently opened for more shopping and eating experience, the IOI Boulevard also holds flea market on weekends at the Palette Palette. So I took a brief walk around the area and was a little disappointed as there were only very few stalls opened and the crowd was well, disappointing! I take it as maybe the families are at the malls getting their kids ready for school, hence the not-so-happening flea markets. Oh well. Anyhoo, I can see that the IOI Boulevard will be the next IN lepak place as they have a lot of outdoor cafes, bars, salons, shops, bakeries etc. That's good, although I think the area is congested enough already.

Next on my first list is Cone Pizza (in IOI Boulevard). Yep, you got that right. Pizza made into a cone shape.


 I chose to have Chicken in Creamy Sauce (err, something like that) and it IS indeed a delight :) 2 thumbs up for the outlet's serene atmosphere. A recommended dating spot, I must say. Heh. 

Next, SPA!
Oh god, what a heaven it is to be pampered with sexy strokes in rose oil from head to toe (all, except for my boobs that is). 

The Sembunyi Spa is located in the serene Cyberjaya, away from the husle of the busy city. Perfect for a getaway. There are a variety of spa packages that you can choose, including packages for couples ;)

For my spa retreat, I've chosen 'Calm Me Down' package which includes a 60-mins massage treatment and a special bath. For the massage, I had the 'Serenity' massage which is a traditional Balinese massage (long strokes with own techniques - good for the stressed body) and for the bath, I had 'In The Garden' (milk bath with flower petals). 

Had the best quality time spent in the jacuzzi as well. Get this, overlooking the lake! :) I loveeee.. and spent a little time in the sauna and steam room. I wish I had a house with all these luxury. Heee.. (Aminnn..)

Weekends are like sunshine! ^_^
If you think happiness is all about sunshine, then nobody has told you about dancing in the rain


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