Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings, designer love and empty things..

I bet you have at least experienced (or have seen) instances where the guy gives the girl a lavish gift and straightaway the girl will say, 'Oh I love you so much' .. yada yada.. And THEN, I bet you would've said/thought something alone this line, 'Of course la you love him so much, he got you a BMW for crying out loud' :P 


I was one of the people who used to say the above. (guilty guilty!) Until my awakening recently where I was in a quite similar situation and did the very same thing. 

Immediately it dawned upon me that, it is not about the gift. It's the thought. Right, that sounds a bit cliché, does't it? I'll rephrase it. 

The gift, take for example, the BMW, it's a part of your passion, something that you've dreamed of, only better because you get to keep it. And because it's like a dream to you, it's almost impossible for you to have it (not in the very near future, that is). So when you finally get it that instant, it's like, 'Wow, I never would have thought.' Yes, you never would have thought you will get what you really love, that soon and from the person you love most. Hence, nothing is more beautiful than to utter 'I love you.'

So, I can feel Carrie's overwhelming sense of happiness when Mr Big gave her THE closet. Ah, the way to a girl's heart eh? ;) 

I hereby declare that I've officially removed myself from the list of the people above. Ngeh. 

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