Wednesday, October 17, 2012

quick food fix

Almost every weekend I'd go grocery-shopping with Mister to stock up on food and household items and that past weekend, I bought some tomatoes.

Today I felt like having a meal with tomatoes in it, so I whipped up my very own healthy and easy-to-prepare recipe, only by using 3 ingredients.

                           1. Tomatoes (diced)
                           2. Minced meat (I used chicken as I'm trying to clear off whatever that's left in my fridge) 
                           3. Onions (bawang besar)

Firstly, tumis the onions with very little cooking oil until it has gone a bit brownish. Throw in the minced meat and keep on stirring them together. Pardon my English wherever applicable ya :P
Lastly, throw in the diced tomatoes and some pinches of salt and ajinomoto, carefully blending them together to get the most out of their taste. 

And then voila, your meal is good to eat!
I made sandwiches with those and I think it would also be nice for a salad as well. 

Yippee, love the outcome! Am gonna make more of those. 

That was what I had for dinner. My yummy tomato chicken sandwich and a chicken pie


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