Thursday, October 11, 2012

keep those who make you happy

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with one of my best girlfriend, Zida, whom I have not gone out with for quite a while. 

I've been eye-ing for a special day out with her in September, because it's her birthday month (end of the month, to be exact) and told her to set aside a date just for the 2 of us *wink* Hahaha.

So, when she asked me if I was free for a date last Saturday, I immediately said yes. She requested for a day out at 1 Utama, so there we went. 

We had lunch at Delicious, and then had our shopping spree (this was on her wishlist). 

Isetan was having their sale, and boy, it was absolutely crazy. 
I, ehem, got myself an Isetan membership card, just to get 50% onwards discount on the items on sale. Yeah, me, who was never a fan of membership whatsoever.
Well, there's always a first time right? ;)

I got myself two tops, both grey. One beautiful chiffon top and a semi-formal waist-length jacket, good for office wear and outing wear. 

The birthday girl got herself a gorgeous tote bag (this is on her to-buy-for-birthday list).

That's my bestie.
I forgot to take photos of the both of us together :(

After raiding Isetan, we went to the next go-to on her wishlist. 


Yeah baby!

We both got ourselves a mist bottle each. Mine was called 'Body' and I actually fell in love with the smell when I first visited VS a few weeks ago. Planning to get one of these for my mum. I think she'll love it. 

We ended the day with some Sushi King, her first time trying it, and she loved it!

We spent our day in 1 Utama since 3pm until about 10 pm and boy, it was indeed a great girls outing ;)
We got to spend quality time together, doing what we do best :) and we actually got what we wanted. 
Yeah, ticking to-buy things off that wishlist now.

The week before, I spent some hours with some friends I haven't seen for a long time. A year (or more) to be exact. Whenever I go back to my hometown in Kuching, they are the ones I will always hang out with to catch the latest gossip (yeah, guys gossip too okay?) or just to goof around and kill some time. 

I've known these guys for more than 10 years now o_O

Dan and me

Mike and me

I am still waiting for some photos with my other girlfriends. Apparently when we went out to 'launch' H&M the other day, I got excited meeting each other (note : have not met each other for more than 6 months) that I have forgotten to take photos of us together.

That will come under a new entry, I suppose. 

Keep those friends who surround you with positivity and happiness :)

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