Friday, October 26, 2012

i work on Malaysian public holidays!

I was feeling a bit down today. 
At work, I was already feeling a bit light-headed and a bit of coughing.  It didn't help that I was ALSO having diarrhoea and having sharp pains (felt like gastric pain) in my stomach.

I kept thinking if I had eaten anything that might have been the cause to it all but couldn't think of any. Because of all that, I wasn't quite focused at work, and all the time I kept wishing that today was Friday so I don't have to drag myself to work the next day. To top it all up, I have 2 documents needed to be reviewed and the deadline is guess what, tomorrow! 

Darn, a while ago the sharp pain came back, down to my butt hole. What the heck is it? I probably need to check with the doctor tomorrow. 

Which reminds me, tomorrow is actually a Malaysian public holiday and no, I won't have the day off as I work for an overseas company. Thus, I follow a different public holiday schedule, which, in my case, is UK's public holidays. No Raya Haji for me. But I'm not exactly unhappy about it because I don't really celebrate Hari Raya Haji. My plan this weekend for Raya Haji is just to visit my cousins in Shah Alam and have a feast! 

Thing is, no matter how many times I explain to family and friends that I DO need to work on Malaysian public holidays, I still get them asking me if I am working or not on that particular day. I DO! I do work on Malaysian public holidays, for goodness sake! And I know in the future, I will STILL get the same questions! It is ridiculous and sometimes I feel like throwing pans at their faces for asking or stating the obvious. To add salt to the wound, they will then express their sorry and compassion (not sure out of sincerity or not) and go on and on about it being no big deal. *rolls eyes* Like, really?

I just don't get people sometimes.  

Why oh why do they keep doing that? Maybe I should just ignore them the next time, and THEN, I will get my moment of bliss. 

So yes, I DO work on Malaysian public holidays and if I feel like celebrating them together with the gazillion Malaysian citizens out there, I CAN take the day off if I want to. But if the plan involves squeezing with that same gazillion lot in a shopping mall, then, heck, I might just as well go to work, no traffic congestion to worry about and best of all, I get paid AND get another day off in lieu. 

In summary, folks, I DO WORK ON MALAYSIAN PUBLIC HOLIDAYS UNLESS I DON'T WANT TO! (in which case, like I said before, I would then apply for the day(s) off)


Love you lots, please don't hate me.  

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