Monday, October 22, 2012

new york and paris

Did I ever tell you that I love prints?

Prints of all kinds; abstracts, photographic, colours, cartoons/comics, ALL OF THEM!

To some, this may mean I'm childish (that's a comment I got from 1 of my 'close' friends, a first for me getting that) but for me, prints mean a lot of things. 

They can represent a culture, lifestyle, emotions, dreams etc. 

For me, they give me inspiration to become who I am and who I want to be.

Let's take a stroll.

Dining place mat of the New York City. 
Every workaholics  dream city.

Ethnic tribal cushion covers (left) and Paris-inspired cushion covers.
Inspiring patterns and dream destination.

I'm in the ongoing process of decorating my house, and I was glad that I found these cushion covers because this is what I really wanted. There was a small business in Malaysia which sells Malaysia-themed place mats and cushion covers (with photos of nasi lemak, KLCC Twin Towers etc) but they were a tad bit expensive for my liking. However, they do look good, though. They are sold online and at 1 of the boutiques in Publika, which I can't remember the name. I will update the name here if I manage to recall the name. 

So, that was what I did on Sunday, spring-cleaned my house (more to my bedroom and living room jer) and got the sofa cushions their much-needed make-over with these nice designs. I still have quite a lot more of decoration items which are waiting to be placed nicely somewhere in the house. Have yet to find the time to put them all nicely, will do soon I hope!

Mission halfway-accomplished!

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