Sunday, December 30, 2012

super spontan

Have been sleeping in my guest room for 2 days now and to tell u the truth, I kinda like it here :P 
Well, my folks are here with me and they will be here until end of this week. So giving Sir and Maam a space of their own ;)

I've got no particular subject to 'talk' about tonight, just felt like blogging 'cos I have not blogged spontaneously in awhile. 

Today was my cousin, Adzlan's wedding. Didn't take many photos because apparently someone forgot to put the battery into the camera after charging it for the whole night! -_-"

I'll blog about the wedding in another entry though. 

I'm feeling light-headed and so sleepy now. Time to doze off I suppose. 

Catch ya'll in another entry! Night!

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