Tuesday, October 1, 2013

nephews's engagement

Almost half my life, I have been away from my family due to studies and work. The downfall of that is I didn't get to watch my siblings grow up and my parents grow older. And it doesn't really help that I only go back to see them twice a year. So when I do go back, I make sure I spend time with them, although sometimes they don't really see it from that point of view. Sobs (blame the drama on the hormones, yes). So it's a little sad to see that when I go back, my parents have shrunk in sizes (do old people shrink that fast?) and my siblings getting way taller than me. Pfftt.

Anyway, who I got to see grew up were my nephews and nieces who are staying here in KL. I baby-sitted them since they were little, see them go through primary and secondary schools, college, work and now this.

Their engagement.

2 of my nephews have just gotten engaged last month. When I got to know the news, I was like 'What?? But they just grew up!' Hehe. Obviously they grew up well. Seriously, man. Their mom taught them well.  Not being biased, I swear. 

My aunts and niece

Eldest nephew's fiance, Lyana.
Engagement was held in Bangi. 

Nieces and nieces-in-laws

My niece at an open house after the engagement. The food there was superb (of course I'd remember such important detail!)

Third nephew's fiance, Qa Tyq.
Engagement held in Mersing, Johor

Qa Tyq surrounded by the closest girls in her life - sister, future sis-in-law and her bestfriend

My aunt made up the decoration for both my nephews's hantaran


We stopped by the beach in Mersing for some fresh air after the engagement. This is the stop people use to get to Tioman Island. Oh well, next time jer la pergi Tioman. Was rushing to get back to KL that same day.  

Alhamdulillah everything went well. Their weddings will be held next year, insha allah. Not sure how the mom was feeling because she was super busy, but I know she was super proud :')

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