Thursday, October 31, 2013

dear future

My future Mr Zauj, this entry (including the video) is for you.

Know that you're always in my prayers.


(please do play this video while you're reading through the entry, okie? it adds the feel to this entry. kihkih)

Sometimes it feels like I'm missing someone I've never even met. I'm excited, really, but I know we will only meet when we're ready.  I read somewhere that sometimes, we are not yet destined to meet our jodoh, because he/she is no longer around. This means that our jodoh is indeed with him/her, but we didn't make it to meeting each other because he/she has already been called to return home to Allah. If that is ever the case for me, I sure hope I will meet him in the Hereafter. Tapi tak sempat berbakti sebagai wifey, then how? Can still go Jannah together or not? :S The article I read didn't really elaborate on that, so I shall do some more reading on that. Interesting ,right? The things you stumble upon while trying to look for answers to a completely different question altogether, masha Allah. 

I recently came to a conclusion. That nothing in this life is a coincidence. It IS meant to be how it is. Not a mere coincidence, my friends.  My brother disagreed on this. You will come to that point of life, maybe many,many years later and see things clearer. That is when you will look back and say, "So that was what all that was about." Trust me, Allah is the all-Knower. His plans are always in the best of our interest. Even as you are doing what you are doing now, you will see what comes out of it sooner or later. Which is why you must always do good, have good intentions. Do you know that when you intend to do good, you get a point (translated to pahala in Malay), and when you really do it, you get another. YET, when you do a bad deed, your bad deed is not yet jotted down by the angels because they say, "Wait, maybe he will repent." How great is that? This is what I learnt from Syeikh Yusuf Estes, anyways. Do correct me if I understand it the wrong way. 

p/s : You can look for his video on deeds by his video title 'Deeds are by intention' in YouTube. He has this soothing voice like a father reading a bedtime story. I admit that I fell asleep on the sofa one night while watching him on the telly. It's his voice! He is nevertheless an inspiring character, at least to me, that is. 

Ah, I'm as usual strayed away from my path of writing on this jodoh thingamajig. Let's carry on.

Good men are for good women, vice versa. And lately, I've seen a quite a number of them united in walimahs, alhamdulillah. This has inspired me greatly. 

I pray to always be guided to be a better Muslim and to be reminded of when I'm not.

p/s : I've made 2 kinda big life decisions. I surely hope both will be manifested within this year, insha Allah :) I'll share more when I'm ready. 

"So then if a person reflects on the manifestations of God's perfection, beauty and majesty, as well as God's favour upon him or her, and meaning of love for Allah is engraved in the heart of this individual. And then, when love of Allah is engraved in the heart of a human being, that heart becomes attached to Allah. And the heart becoming attached to Allah, causes a removal of a veil from the heart so that the heart perceives its connection to God."
- Habib al-Jifri


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