Saturday, October 5, 2013

birds of a feather

I just realised a thing or two about friendship. 

That is, to maintain a good friendship, you need to see the best in each other, accept each others's weaknesses, and most importantly, support each other's passion, even if it's not really your kind of thing. 

I think I've been mentioning a lot about my girlfriends, in general, in some of my posts. They are incredible, I don't have the exact words to describe each and every one of them. My girlfriends come from various backgrounds, and some of them don't even have the same interests as I do, but we just clicked! One kinda funny statement I received from one girlfriend about another is "You both are so different from each other, I don't know how you guys can get along so well!"  LOL. 

I know what that 'different' meant. You see, in comparison to this particular girlfriend, let's call her 'A', I'm the quieter one, more lets-just-sit down-and-see-what-happens-next kinda girl. On the other hand, A is more vocal in expressing dissatisfaction or anger, and erm, a bit sarcastic sometimes, haha. I don't perceive that as a bad thing at all. I have my own vocal and sarcastic moments too, actually. It's just that they have mellowed down a bit these days. But yes, we have very different attitudes. But one thing that makes us the best of friends is that we respect each other in terms of who we are and what we love (and don't love). 

I guess she knows that I'm a sensitive girl and I don't like people telling me off harshly. I will definitely rebel. So if I make mistakes, or if she wants to advise me on something, she would use words that are pleasant and not make me feel bad about it. Do you see that? I mean, she's a vocal person, but she tones down just so I can see where I have been making mistakes. And although I don't really fancy visiting (as in during festive seasons), I'd accompany her to visit her friends, vice versa. And she, accompanies me for weddings.  I mean, there's food, come on :)  

Now, that's just one girlfriend. The rest of them are equally amazing in their own ways :)

I think those are really the keys to a good friendship. I pray for my girlfriends to be granted with righteous spouses who will guide them to Jannah and lovely babies who will grow up with good faith. I love my girlfriends so very much. They are my gem ;)  



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