Saturday, October 26, 2013

sexy and i know it

Was in line at the KK Mart counter today and it was already my turn to have my purchases priced. Suddenly this African lady, with her hot pink hair and her hugs-u-in-all-the-not-so-right-places top, cut in front of me, putting her purchases of booze (i think, they were either bottles of booze or turpentine, i couldn't differentiate :P) on the counter. The cashier was not local, I think he was Nepalese or Bangladeshi, not so sure. In my mind, I dah set. Sure la the cashier would layan this hot momma first, tak kisah la she cut the line ke tak. 'Cos she's hot like that, you know. And I was just wearing this faded T-shirt and jeans *cries* 

I was all the time thinking, nowadays mana ada orang baik2 dah. Semua tengok berduit or not, cantik or not, I was mumbling in my head.

Suddenly he turned to me and said, "Akak, barang akak?" Hohoho. I was soooo taken aback. Turns out still ada orang baik2 ye. There's hope, there's hope!

That made my day today.

I'm pretty easy to please, like that. 


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