Sunday, August 4, 2013

turning things around

Ah, I'm feeling a surge of negative emotional energy seeping in. Some people really have that effect on you. Grrrr.

Seriously people, choose your friends wisely. 

Some (or in my case, most) would go to great length to keep and nourish the friendship. Some (a very small portion though) would have this really absurd mindset of friendship where everyone, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, is trying to sabotage them. C'mon!

Though a small portion, the impact is TREMENDOUS. Hence, this post. Bah!

This is the reason I have advised some sisters NOT to grow up having to always get approval from others. 
This is the exact reason. I mean, really girls, just be yourself.  When you always need to please others, you lose yourself, your belief and what you want. Your actions and your judgement will always be based on what others tell you to do. And when their judgement and actions collide with yours, this causes conflict in your head but you can't do anything about it because you just need to please them. How tiring is that? 

Well, this happened to this friend of mine. She constantly needs to please her friends, her family, her boyfriend. So she follows what they say, which is everything she is not. During the course of her life, some friends would turn away, leaving her devastated. Which, lo and behold, has left her bitter and negative-minded and having all sorts of crazy ideas on friendship. Happy on the outside but bitter on the inside, and I guess, this has taken a toll on her outlook towards life itself, which I think is a great loss. Life is beautiful, you know. 

So please, be yourself. If they don't like the way you are, it's their problem, not yours. There's a fine line between compromising and standing up for yourself. Differentiate that. 

Embrace your individuality, not deprive yourself of it. 
Seriously, girls. 

Okay, enough of this. Back to reality, need to snap out of this bad energy pronto!

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