Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the pujuk attempt

Remember that I said I wanted a baby girl for my firstborn?

You know why?

Heh, the obvious of course. 

'Cos I wanna dress them up in all sorts of adorable tops, jeans (baby skinny jeans amagadddd), dresses and cute little baju kurungs and baju kebaya *gaspppp*

Last weekend I was at one of my trainee's wedding reception (yeah, I used to be their 'mommy' at work) and she has 2 cute little nieces and they were both donning purple baju kebaya (amagadddd). How could one resist all those cuteness?? 

So there I was putting on my best 'kakak' moment, trying to pujuk them to take photos with me. The first one is Amira, the younger one is Alisha (i think). Thing is , they were both so very shy, not forgetting, ALSO persistent on NOT getting their photos taken. 

In the end, I didn't take any photos with the elder one, no matter how hard I tried. Even tried bribing them with ice-creams, but kids are damn smart these days, huh?

Pujuk attempt for the the umpteenth time

Finally got a photo taken with the younger one, who's a also a bit timid. You can see how hesitant and scared she is through the picture alone (but I didn't care :P )

Congratulations Nana & hubs!

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