Friday, August 9, 2013


I should be blogging about my Eid, really. But I didn't bring my laptop with me and it's kind of a hassle to work with photos and documents on my brother's Ipad (am so not tech-savvy, i know). 

Eid's been pretty good, honestly. During Ramadhan, I made a mental checklist for Syawal and so far all of them has been fulfilled. Nothing fancy, more of a to-do list to instil the family togetherness in the spirit of Syawal. Wahseh. 

So I wanted to talk about something else.

Usually I won't be bothered much anymore about being single. But there's this one particular day recently where I guess the hormones were doing pretty much most of the talking. I was having bubur pedas for iftar. It's sort of a thick spicy gravy filled with finely- blended traditional condiments and also some veggies.

I don't fancy non-leafy veggies much so I started to separate the baby corns from my bubur pedas. I'm about to make myself sound like a loser, but the whole time I was doing that, I couldn't help thinking,  this is one of my quirks, will I ever meet someone who will take me as I am, quirks and all? Like how I hate spicy nasi lemak sambal, or how I love to bite on my straws, or how I love my pearl milk bubble tea with 30% less  sugar? I sound pathetic. I just can't help it sometimes.

I promise the next blog entry will be jolly :-)

In the meantime, happy Eid al-Mubarak to all my Muslim readers, and happy holidays to the rest :)

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