Thursday, August 1, 2013

mak's birthday

Read this article earlier today regarding the love between the Prophet Muhammad and his wife, Khadija, and I absolutely love the above paragraph especially the part where the writer said that 'the better will be the person Allah chooses to complement you.'  


But anyways, I'm not gonna talk about relationships (again) yada yada. I'm going to talk about my mum!

It's her birthday today! Technically, another half an hour for her day to end but it's hokay. Confession, I wasn't the type of daughter who's close to her mum since young. So no make up lessons, no fashion tips, no relationship advice, no massive cooking lessons etc. I guess it's because I live in a household of mostly boys, so it took a while for me to digest those things. Late bloomer I guess :) But I do know that I was a crybaby (confession #2, still am), super duper sensitive I tell you. Probably because I'm a Pisces (?), heh. 

When I left home for my tertiary studies in Penang, I notice that Mak changed a bit. I mean, she'll talk about womanly things with me, hugged me more often, especially when I was about to leave the family at the airport after my semester breaks. Absence make the hearts fonder, they say? Heh. It took quite a while to get used to, actually. I never confide in my mum on my relationship ups and downs, not until these few years. I don't know why. Nowadays, we call each other on the phone nearly every day :)

It's magical the bond that daughters have with their moms, really. Which is why I wish that my first newborn will be a girl. But of course, I take whatever rezeki as they come la. Hee. 

Love you lots. 

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