Friday, September 27, 2013

our little jasmine

Raja Sarah Jasmine. 6 months old. 

My girlfriend's first bundle of joy. 
Well, OUR bundle of joy, 'cos we're her super cool aunts. 

And by 'we', I mean this lady here, and myself. 

Jasmine's such a happy baby! No fuss, well, except when she wants to have her sleep la, easy to handle and goes along so well with everybody! 

My first letter to baby Jasmine when we first visited her early June.
By the way, she had her first reconstructive surgery last month to fix her cleft lips and palate and it went very well. She definitely has her mother's spirit, I tell you.  

Yeah baby, you're gonna grow up awesome.

Aunty pray only for the best for you, little Jasmine. Missing you loads now :')  

Random fact : The name Jasmine is one of the name that I am keeping for my future daughter ;) Just a different kinda spelling. Will not reveal yet, at least not until she's along the way. Hahaha

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