Saturday, September 1, 2012

merdeka day in ikea

After months of not going to Ikea, I decided to finally have a look around it today. I was anticipating a big crowd because it's MERDEKA DAY today. 

Happy 55th Merdeka Day, Malaysians! (btw, hehe)

Yeap, the lot was as usual crowded, and apparently, Ikea has updated some of its product and showrooms as well. 

I only bought a few small stuffs, mainly because my house will be filled with a lot of people in December, for my cousin's wedding. Mum has been constantly nagging at me to buy more kitchen utensils (by that, she means plates and bowls) to cater for my relatives who are going to crash my house for the wedding.

So yes, I bought a few more plates and bowls, a funky cushion, few pieces of native-inspired cushion covers, some small jars for salts, ajinomoto and whatnots, wire baskets for my drawers and something least expected out of me, some scented candles and holders! 

Seriously not a fan of scented candles, but after taking a whiff of the Tindra range, I immediately fell in love. It smells of pure vanilla, imagine if you light them in your house and have the whole house smelling like vanilla!  Superb! Am gonna try that 1 day. In the meantime, the candles will still be kept somewhere in my storeroom :p

Alright, gonna call it a night now. Going to an ex-colleague's open house tomorrow, and that to me means REUNION! I love reunions! So many stories and ehem, gossips to update on.

Au revoir!

Oh ya, Ikea's 2013 will be coming out real soon!

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