Tuesday, September 18, 2012

rezeki is everywhere

Despite the negativity that I've been carrying around these few days, I actually have a blessing in between. I've got 2 pieces of my favourite Subway white chocolate cookies in my paper bag instead of 1, like I ordered.
Hurrah, rezeki!

In this photo, the cookies look so small, but actually they are each the size of your palm. 

Still disbelieving this, I rummaged my purse and found the receipt. You know, just in case the guy thought I was ordering 2 pieces, but no, it stated there, 
Cookie MD QTY 1.

What a blessing for this week.

Oh ya, I'm today on MC due to backache. 
I went to the massage parlour yesterday, a new visit for me to Urban Retreat. This one's located at Curve.

I was massaged by Kiaw, and man, she is GOOD! 
I took the aromatherapy package because I wanted to de-stress myself. 
It has been what, like a year, since I last went for a massage. 
I highly recommend this one because of its private settings, unlike Arokaya or Thai Odyssey where you can practically hear other people's conversation next door (i mean what a way to de-stress, you get me?),  calm environment (away from the chit-chats and sounds of kids yelling) as the location is quite isolated from all the other shops in Curve, and professional services. I do, however, blame the lack of visits, that have caused me this backpain. 

After the massage, I spent quite some time in MPH and Borders, looking for a colleague's birthday present and having some alone time. 

My cousin was in town for the weekend to look for wedding materials, and I was supposed to go accompany her to Jalan TAR for the purpose, however I wasn't feeling so well, so I declined. I don't think it'll be convenient to tag along anyways :P


But, on Saturday we all did go out to search for wedding designers in Bangsar. 
I'll write on that one on another entry.

Til then, take care!

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Missing my girlfriend, Nas

Lots of hugs for you!  xoxo
Thanks for everything!
Love you!

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