Sunday, August 26, 2012

badass beauty

Jovian Mandagie has launched his Raya 2012 collection under the name Aviraya just before Raya this year. Man, the collection is to die for and of course, they are off the racks within seconds. By off-the-rack, I do mean, they are literally zapped up in and First Lady Boutique at Jalan Tar, the only 2 places where you can get this collection. 

Best thing is they do come in bigger sizes for full-figured ladies like yours truly. 

Since I can't be relying on online display and description for my Raya attire, I headed to First Lady Boutique in Jalan Tar and was shocked to see that most of Jovian's collection was not fit for trying, i.e torn. I managed to get 1 to try on but it didn't fit me well. Loved the colours though. Well, probably it wasn't my rezeki yet. 

A beauty right?
Young designer with badass ideas.

It's ok, I'll get you someday.

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