Monday, February 15, 2010

Today was a fairytale - Ahmir (nice song but not-so-nice day today..oh well)

This is Ahmir's rendition of Taylor Swift's 'Today Was a Fairytale'. This is seriously good. I think anything A
hmir covered are totally good. Goddamn talented, reminds me of Boys 2 Men back those days. This song is actually taken from the movie 'Valentine's Day' which is supposedly the Vday movie for the year (they always have one for Vday every year) and also, which has all the BIG BIG names in it, i.e Julia Roberts. I have not had the time to watch it yet but will be going out for the movie tomorrow night with my beau. Am still in the best of moods (not gonna let anything spoil my good week yet), so ya'll enjoy this clip ya. XXXO

Of course, I do NOT own any copyright to any part of this clip :) Ciao!

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