Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yay! Today is my shopping day :)))) Retail therapy plus I need to get something for my family in Kuching. Am going back in a few days! Double yay! So, off to Sunway Pyramid I went and got myself some baju, skirt (I couldn't believe this myself) and handbag from MNG and Kitschen, and got my brothers some T-shirts from Cotton On (I believe it's newly-opened 'cos they just featured this brand in Cleo last month).The brand is something like Forever 21, just a little less fancy and a little less pain on your wallet.


This is Cotton On's recycling bag. In support of less plastic bag usage. MYR5.00

p.s : Did you know that most supermarkets here (even 7-e) are not providing plastic bags to consumers every Saturday? So bring your recycling bags to shop. Don't eew me okay? There are lots of recycling bags sold everywhere, and some local designers also designs them for the merchants. For e.g, Melinda Looi for Nando's (cool stuff, u can get it for free for any meal purchase over RM100), Forever 21 have them at MYR7.00, Marks and Spencer have them at RM25 etc. Who says it's un-stylish to use recycling bags?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts

And finally I had a taste of Krispy Kreme's doughnuts. Love the ambience of the outlet as it sounds and looks comfortable, as if you're at home because they have plenty of comfortable sofas and wing chairs. The staffs are very cheerful and helpful too. Don't know if it's just because they're newly-opened or otherwise. And as this is my pioneer purchase, I asked them what would they recommend me trying as I have not had any of their doughnuts before. So, they took out a plain-looking doughnut (it's called the Glazed doughnut), heated it up, put it in a tissue and said, 'Here, try this on the house.It's our most popular doughnut.' Of course, I gracefully accepted and on the first bite, I could feel the softness of it, and the melted sugar coating was not that sweet either, just nice. So, I bought 2, another 'Glazed', and a 'New York Cheese' doughnut. A popular with the ladies, he said. Reason being, the inside is filled with hot soft cheese and the outside is sprinkled with some MORE cheese. When I tasted it at home, it didn't feel cheesy, but of cinnamon and a dash of apple? But it was kinda ok.

Hmm, a tiring yet fun weekend :))) Can't wait to go back HOME!

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