Sunday, February 14, 2010

So he proposed :)

Just came back from V'day dinner with my beau. Wasn't exactly one of those romantic candle light dinner or anything along the line, but it was ok 'cos he's not much of an outdoor person anyway. He's more of a homey type. Oh, we just had our 5th year anniversary last September :D Yaaa, we're that long.. heeee..

So just now we talked about preparation of the next level a.k.a engagement and wedding plans. I thought of bringing him back to celebrate Raya this year with my family (he's not Muslim btw) and surprisingly,he agreed straightaway ! And in addition, he proposed that the time will be the best time for an engagement! I am soooo happy! Woooot!

It's seriously a relief because this is what I have been waiting for all the time :) That brought a lot of difference to the days ahead. Am in a lovey-dovey mood.. Happy Valentine's day folks!

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